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Governance Documents

UM-Dearborn Bylaws 2020

  • This document contains campus bylaws on faculty governance. This revised version was approved by the University of Michigan Board of Regents, March 26, 2020.

Principles of Faculty Involvement in Institutional and Academic Unit Governance at the University of Michigan, 2d ed.

  • Shared governance is a cherished tradition of American universities, including the University of Michigan. The first edition of this document was distributed to University of Michigan faculty to clarify the general principles that underlie the roles and responsibilities of the faculty in University governance. The principles are based upon, and intended to be consistent with, the Bylaws of the Board of Regents. This document expands that earlier edition with additional information concerning central faculty governance to supplement the information that was provided earlier concerning academic unit governance. We hope that this document will prove as useful to members of the university community as the first edition was.
  • Chancellor's Signing Statement on Principles of Faculty Governance 2nd ed.

The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

  • This faculty handbook contains information about policies and procedures affecting faculty at the University of Michigan.

UM-Dearborn Faculty Handbook Supplement

  • This handbook serves as a supplement to the University of Michigan Faculty Handbook for Instructional Staff. The handbook is also complemented by the University of Michigan-Dearborn Student Handbook, which should be consulted for policies and procedures that relate to student academic and non-academic matters.
Promotion and Tenure
  • CV Template - Approved April 9, 2007
    • Template developed by Faculty Senate to help UM-Dearborn tenure track faculty prepare an academic Curriculum Vitae for a promotion and tenure dossier.
  • P&T Committee Formation
    • Promotion and Tenure Committee formation guidelines, approved 2006, amended 2008 and April 2015.
Faculty Evaluations of Administrators
The University Senate - Ann Arbor

Currently UM-Dearborn is apportioned four representatives on the University Senate Assembly, who are elected to serve three-year terms by annual vote on the UM-Dearborn campus.  The 74 representatives will be re-apportioned again in September 2019.  This body meets in Ann Arbor on the third Monday of each month during fall and winter terms.

The Bylaws of the Regents of the University of Michigan (Section 4.01) define the membership of the University Senate as all members of the professorial staff, the executive officers of the university, the deans of the schools and colleges, such members of the research and library staff as may be designated in accordance with standards and procedures approved by the Senate Assembly, and such other major officers as may be designated by the Board of Regents from time to time.  This body is inclusive of all campuses of the University of Michigan, including UM-Dearborn.

The Regents have designated the university-wide representative body in Bylaw 4.03:

There shall be a Senate Assembly which shall consist of seventy-four senate members apportioned among the various schools and colleges according to the number of senate members in each school or college.

The Ann Arbor Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) is the executive committee for the University-wide Senate Assembly.  If elected, a person qualified for the Senate Assembly (including representatives from UM-Dearborn and UM-Flint) may serve on SACUA for a three-year term.  This election is held annually in the University Senate meeting held in Ann Arbor near the end of the winter term; all members of the governing faculty of the University of Michigan are invited to vote in that election.  Candidates for SACUA are invited to provide a picture and statement that is printed in the University Record, although nominations from the floor are allowed on the day of the vote.

Some confusion arises from the different uses of "Senate" and "Senate Assembly" between UM-Dearborn and the University as a whole.  By Regents' Bylaw, the entire governing faculty for the University as a whole is described as "the University Senate" and the representative body is called the "Senate Assembly."  On the UM-Dearborn campus, the governing faculty of our campus is described as "Faculty Congress" and the representative body is called the "Faculty Senate."  The UM-Dearborn Faculty Senate and Faculty Congress are not prescribed by the Regents' Bylaws but were formed in agreement with the senior officers of the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  The UM-Flint campus has an altogether different faculty governance structure.

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