Faculty and Student Fellows

Faculty Fellow Development Program

Since the Fall of 2006, the Civic Engagement Project has sponsored an Academic Service Learning Faculty Fellows Development Program. During the Fellows Program, faculty members engage in readings and discussion on methods to implement ASL in their courses. Faculty members meet once a month during the academic year. Faculty Fellows will then each teach a course with a significant ASL component the following academic year.

Faculty members are given a $1,000 stipend for participating in the program. The Civic Engagement Project provides assistance and additional resources that the Fellows might need both throughout the development program as well as during the teaching of the respective courses regarding course design, community partnering, reflection exercises and project evaluation.

Student Fellows program

The Student Fellows program (SF) will pair a student with a faculty member teaching an Academic Service Learning (ASL) course at the UM–Dearborn. Students involved in this program will work closely with the faculty member, students in the ASL course and community organizations to facilitate nearly every aspect of ASL at UM-D. The SF will receive training in ASL concepts, peer-to-peer reflection, site leadership and more. This program promises to offer students a new level of ownership in their education and collaboration with community agencies. The Civic Engagement Project will work closely with the SF members to oversee this program and provide all necessary training. In exchange for their participation in the program, SFs will receive a $500 stipend.

What past and current Student Fellows have said:

"I find that being a Student Fellow is very rewarding. I really enjoy working closely with professors because we exchange ideas and their feedback allows me to take a different approach to my research."-Javon Hindo, SF Fall 08, LIBS 122

"I was greatly surprised at the learning experience. Through helping the students in class, I am getting a hands-on experience."-Shavon Holcomb, SF Winter 08, SOC 435

"The students in Professor DeGenaro's class have learned so much from their experience and St. Peter's has gained from it as well. It has been a wonderful service learning experience."-Kathleen Grandy, SF Fall 07, COMP 364

"I find that helping students in creating their project, executing their projects, and helping out along the way is very rewarding. I am able to not only help these students do well, I am able to help a community nonprofit partner and relieve some of the workload on the professor."-Benjamin Pohl, SF Fall 08, OB 354

"Being an SF was rewarding. I enjoyed watching the groups come together, find an organization to work with, and really make a difference. A lot of the students had trouble with reflection. I facilitated a few reflection exercises so that the students had a better understanding of the importance of reflection in service-learning. One exercise included a key-phrase journal and I received several great journals that really showed me that not only are the organizations benefiting, but the students are also."-Chelsey Porter, SF Winter 09, ITM 381

Faculty Fellows

2018 - 2019

Aaron Kinzel, Criminal Justice Studies

Marcus Harris, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Jung Hyun Lee, Organizational Behavior

2017 - 2018

Francine Banner, Sociology

Maya Barak, Criminal Justice Studies

Jessica Camp, Social Work

Yi-Su Chen, Operations Management

Patrick Keyes, Business Administration

Harmony Reppond, Psychology

2016 - 2017

Bethany Hedden, Health and Human Services

Kent Murray, Physical Sciences

Carrie Swift, Physical Sciences

Sharon Werner, Education

Brenda Whitehead, Psychology


2015 - 2016

Natalie Sampson, Public Health
Kalyan Kondapalli, Biology
Katherine LaCommare, Biology 
Carmel Price, Sociology 
David Hill, Special Education 
Kim Killu, Special Education
Patrick Beauchesne, Anthropology 

2014 - 2015

Anna Muller, History
Sheryl Edwards, Political Science
Rick Robinson, Anthropology
Jill Darling, Writing Program
Michael MacDonald, Composition and Rhetoric
LaShorage Shaffer, Early Childhood Education
Caitlin Finlayson, English

2013 - 2014

Emily Matthews Luxon, Political Science
Emily Saarinen, Biology
Jamie Wraight, History
Julia Daniel Walkuski, Head Systems Librarian
Kevin Kobesky, Accounting
Kirsten Dara Hill, Reading and Language Arts
Sally Howell, History
Tim Davis, Director of iLabs 

2012 - 2013

Danielle DeFauw, Reading and Language Arts
Francine Dolins, Psychology
Hafiz Malik, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Marilee Benore, Biochemistry and Biology
Marshall Hunt, Accounting
Nitya Sethuraman, Psychology
Patricia Hartshorn, Biology
Stephen A. Weatherholt, Special Education 

2011 - 2012

Cathy Miller, Writing Program
David Susko, Biology
Hani Bawardi, History
Jamie Ward, Communication
Jennifer Proctor, Communication
Jennifer Siegel, Dept. of Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts
John Cristiano, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Philip Potvin, Composition and Rhetoric
Stein Brunvand, Educational Technology 

2010 - 2011

Carolyn Kraus, Humanities/ Journalism and Screen Studies
Gail Luera, Science Education
James Gilmore, Journalism and Screen Studies
Joann Riley, Writing Program
Kristi Stewart, Writing Program
Maureen Linker, Philosophy
Nehal Patel, Criminal Justice
Richard Rischar, Multimedia and Music 

2009 - 2010

Bonnie Halloran, Anthropology
Bruce Maxim, Computer and Information Science
Chris Burke, Education
Crystal Scott, Marketing
Jorge Gonzalez del Pozo, Spanish
Lara Rusch, Political Science
Nancy Kursman, Political Science 

2008 - 2009

James Gruber, Sociology
Laura Woodruff, Education
Pam Aronson, Sociology
Susan Sheth, Communications
Tija Spitsberg, Composition and Rhetoric

2007 - 2008

Bruce Pietrykowski, Economics
Karen Thomas-Brown, Social Studies
Liz Rohan, Composition
Mike Callahan, College of Business

2006 - 2007

Bill DeGenaro, Composition and Rhetoric
Brian McKenna, Anthropology
Joy Beatty, Organizational Behavior
Katie Silverman, Education
Paul Draus, Sociology
Troy Murphy, Communication 

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