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College-Specific Program Goals and Reports

CASL Program Goals and Reports

Actuarial Mathematics (AB/BS goals)

African and African-American Studies (AB goals, report)

Anthropology (AB goals)

Applied and Computational Math (MS goals/matrix, report)

Applied Statistics (AB goals/matrix, report)

Arabic Translation Certificate (goals)

Art History (AB goals, matrix)

Behavioral and Biological Sciences (AB goals, matrix)

Behavioral Science  (AB goals)

Biochemistry (BS goals, matrix)

Biological Sciences (BS goals/matrix, report)

Chemistry - ASC Certified (BS goals/matrix, report)

Chemistry - Instructional (BS goals/matrix)

Communications (AB goals/matrix,report)

Communications - Public Relations certificate (goals)

Composition & Rhetoric/Writing certificate (goals)

Criminology and Criminal Justice (AB goals/matrix, report; MS goals)

Economics (AB goals, matrixreport)

English (AB goals/matrix, report)

English Language and Linguistics Certificate (goals, matrix)

Environmental Science (BS goals/matrix, report; MS goals/matrix, report)

Environmental Studies (AB goals/matrix, report)

Food Studies Certificate (goals, matrix)

French Studies (AB goals/matrix, report)

French Translation certificate (goals)

Geological Sciences (BS goals/matrix, report)

Geospatial Analysis and Mapping certificate (goals and matrix)

Hispanic Studies (AB goals/matrix, report)

History (AB goals, matrix, report)

History - Arab American Studies certificate (goals)

History - Middle East Studies certificate (goals)

Individual Program of Study (AB/BS goals)

Integrated Science (BS goals/matrix, report)

Integrative Studies (AB goals)

International Studies (AB goals/matrix,report)

Journalism and Screen Studies (AB goals/matrix, report)

LGBTQ Certificate (goals and matrix)

Mathematics (AB goals/matrix, report)

Microbiology (BS goals/matrix, report)

Philosophy (AB goals, matrix, report)

Physics (BS goals/matrix, report)

Political Science (AB goals/matrix, report)

Professional Language & Cross-Cultural Competency certificate (goals)

Professional Writing & Rhetoric (AB goals, matrix)

Psychology (AB goals/matrix, report; MS goals, matrix, report)

Public Administration & Policy (MPAP goals)

Social Studies (AB goals/matrix, report)

Sociology (AB goals/matrix, report)

Spanish for Health Care Professionals Certificate (goals, matrix)

Urban Regional Studies (AB goals/matrix, report)

Women's and Gender Studies (AB goals/matrix, report)

CECS Program Goals and Reports

Artificial Intelligence (MS goals, matrix)

Automotive Systems Engineering (MSE goals, matrix, report)

Automotive Systems & Mobility (DEng goals)

Automotive Noise, Vibration, & Harshness certificate (goals)

Automotive Powertrains certificate (goals)

Automotive materials and Design certificate (goals)

Bioengineering (BSEBE goals, report; MSE goals, matrix)

CIS Mathematics - concurrent dual degree (BS goals, report)

Computer & Information Science (BS goals, report; MS goals, matrix, report; PhD goals, matrix)

Computer Engineering (BSECE goals, report; MSE goals, report)

Control Systems certificate (goals)

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (BS goals; MS goals)

Data Science (BS goals; MS goals, matrix) 

Digital Forensics (BS goals, report)

Electrical & Computer Engineering (PhD goals, matrix)

Electric Energy Technology certificate (goals)

Electrical Engineering (BSEEE goals, report; MSE goals)

Electrical System Analytics certificate (goals, matrix)

Electrical System Equipment certificate (goals, matrix)

Electrical System Planning certificate (goals, matrix)

Electrical System Protection and Control certificate (goals, matrix)

Energy Systems Engineering (MSE goals, matrix, report)

Engineering Management (MS goals, matrix, report)

Engineering Mathematics - concurrent dual degree (BSEEM goals, report)

Engineering of Electrified Vehicular Systems certificate (goals, matrix)

Game Design certificate (goals)

Human-Centered Design and Engineering (MS goals, matrix)

Human-Centered Engineering Design (BSE goals, matrix)

Industrial & Systems Engineering (BSEISE goals; MSE goals, matrix, report; PhD goals,matrix)

Industrial Mechatronics certificate (goals, matrix)

Information Systems & Technology (MS goals, matrix, report)

Information Systems Engineering (PhD goals, matrix, report)

Intelligent Systems in Engineering Applications certificate (goals)

Manufacturing Engineering (BSEMFE goals, report)

Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE goals, matrix, report)

Materials for Manufacturing certificate (goals, matrix)

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE goals, matrix)

Mechanical Engineering (BSEME goals, report; MSE goals, matrix, report)

Mechanical Sciences & Engineering (PhD goals, matrix)

Modeling and Simulation in Engineering certificate (goals, matrix)

Plastic & Composite Materials certificate (goals)

Practical Aspects of Computer Security certificate (goals)

Program & Project Management (MS goals, report)

Program and Project Management certificate (goals)

Robotics Engineering (BSERE goals, report; MS goals)

Software Engineering (BS goals, report; MS goals, matrix, report)

Software Engineering certificate (goals)

Systems Engineering certificate (goals)

Vehicle Electronics & Controls certificate (goals)

CEHHS Program Goals and Reports

Applied Behavior Analysis (MS goals, matrix)

Undergraduate Assistant Behavior Analysis certificate (goals)

Graduate Behavior Analysis certificate (goals)

Children and Families (AB/BS goals, matrix, report)

Community Health Education (AB goals, matrix, report)

Early Childhood Education (MA goals, matrix, report)

Education (EdD goals, matrix, report; EdS goalsmatrix, report; MA goals/matrix, report)

Educational Leadership (MAEL goals, matrix, report)

Educational Studies (AB goals, matrix)

Educational Technology (MA goals, matrix, report)

Elementary Education Certification Programs (goals, matrix, report)

Health Information Technology (MS goals, matrix, report)

Instructional Technology (AB goals, matrix)

Online Teaching Graduate certificate (goals)

Program Evaluation & Assessment (MA goals)

Teaching (MA goals, matrix, report)

TESOL Undergraduate certificate (goals)

TESOL Graduate certificate (goals)


COB Program Goals and Reports

Accounting (BBA goalsmatrix; MSA goals/matrix, report)

Business Administration (MBA goals/matrix, report)

Business Analytics (MS goals/matrix, report)

Business Studies - Concurrent Dual Degree (CASL goals, CEHHS goals)

Digital Marketing (BBA goals, matrix, report)

Entrepreneurship Certificate (goals)

Finance (BBA goals, matrix, report; MSF goals, matrix, report)

Financial Planning Certificate (goals)

General Business (BBA goalsmatrix, report)

Human Resource Management (BBA goals, matrix, report)

Information Systems (MS goals/matrix, report)

Information Technology Management (BBA goalsmatrix, report)

Management (BBA goals, matrix, report)

Marketing (BBA goals, matrix, report; MS goals)

Supply Chain Management (BBA goals, matrix, report; MS goals, report)

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