Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Faculty who are interested in pursuing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) projects can work with the Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources’ Instructional Designers:

  • Autumm Caines has a Masters of Educational Technology from The Ohio State University and is an active researcher in the areas of blended/hybrid and online learning, open education, digital literacy/citizenship with a focus on equity and access, and online community development.
  • Belen Garcia has a Ph.D. in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University, focusing partly on online learning and engineering education, and has an ongoing research project studying the efficacy of Instructional Design on our campus.
  • Jessica Riviere has a Ph. D. in German Literature from Vanderbilt University, where she completed SoTL research on her language classroom, and led cohorts of graduate students through a SoTL scholarship program. Her interests are particularly around graduate seminar pedagogy and disciplinary "signature pedagogies."
  • Sarah Silverman has a PhD in Entomology at UC Davis. While at UC Davis, Sarah worked in the Center for Educational Effectiveness as a coordinator of the Teaching Assistant Consultant program. Most recently, Sarah was an instructional consultant at UW Madison supporting STEM instructors through learning communities, courses, and workshops.

Instructional Designers in the Hub can support faculty in:

  • Brainstorming study design
  • Discussing data collection including mixed methods, qualitative, and quantitative studies
  • Suggesting publication fit and feasibility

Instructional Designers in the Hub may be able to partner with faculty as co-authors by:

  • Collaborating in study design
  • Collecting data
  • Writing



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