Creative Teaching Fund

The Creative Teaching Fund is a resource to support innovative teaching with a focus on making learning more engaging, challenging, fulfilling, and effective for students. This fund is meant to support small scale teaching needs that come up in the course of a semester.

The Creative Teaching Fund can be used for any kind of activity that supports innovation in teaching. Some examples include: taking students to an exhibition or a performance; events or workshops; materials for teaching; and data sets for student work. Smaller requests, under $1000, can be made on a rolling basis.  Applications for larger amounts, $1000-$3000, will be accepted on October 15, 2017, February 15, 2018 and May 15, 2018.

Assessment Grant

The goal of this fund is to support innovation in assessment design, methods, and closing-the-loop changes, aimed at enhancing student achievement of learning goals.  This fund can be used for activities that support innovation in program assessment, including a program’s approach to general education (Dearborn Discovery Core) assessment and integrated learning.  The grant is intended to serve as catalyst funds, not to be relied upon for ongoing support. Some examples of funded activities include: 

  • Purchase of an assessment instrument, including equipment/technology needed for assessment
  • Stipends for faculty time to develop (or re-design) and test an assessment instruments
  • Stipends for faculty time to collect and analyze assessment data, including conducting student focus groups 
  • Hire a student assistant who processes assessment data 
  • Funds to hold a faculty retreat focused on program assessment 
  • Speaker or consultant who is expert in a particular field’s assessment techniques 
  • Faculty attendance at an assessment conference or workshop specific to the field

Deadline for applications: May 18, 2018

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