Course Redesign Faculty Fellows Program

Sponsored by the Provost’s Office, the Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources will be offering the Course Redesign Faculty Fellows Program during AY 2019-2020, in which faculty will redesign courses for higher persistence rates particularly for key courses in the curriculum that affect large numbers of students or program graduation rates.

The goal of the Hub Course Redesign Program is to provide faculty with the time and support to explore the literature on teaching and learning and integrate that exploration with a specific course design or redesign project.

Success of the Hub Course Redesign program depends on faculty participants interested in pedagogical innovation at the level of a course, but also interested in sharing insights from their work as a contribution to curricular renewal and innovations in teaching and learning at the institutional level.

Faculty will receive one course release during their participation in the program so regular attendance and participation is essential. See Timeline, below, for expected commitment. Faculty fellows with more than three absences without notice and cause will be dropped from the program and their chairs will be notified. There will be at least four Faculty Fellows for Academic Year 2019-2020; at least two of the four Faculty Fellows must be working to design or redesign online or hybrid courses.

For more information and the program application, click HERE

Hub Course Redesign Faculty Fellows, 2019-2020

Margaret Mikula - Stat 263 Introduction to Statistics

Anne Danielson-Francois - BIOL 360 Population genetics and evolution

Ivy Forsythe-Brown - SOC 200: Understanding Society

Nesrin Cengiz-Phillips - Math 090, Intermediate Algebra

Mike  VanHemert - - BA 400 Corporate [Social] Responsibility  

Hub Course Redesign Faculty Fellows, 2018-2019

Janice Molloy – Mgmt. Studies / BPS 451: Strategic Management 

Jackie Vansant – LCC / GER 101 & 102: German Language and Culture

John Chenoweth – BSCI / ANTH 101: Introduction to Anthropology

Lisa Martin – Women’s and Gender Studies & HHS / GST303: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Emily Luxon – SS / POL 201: Politics Around the World

Mercedes Miranda – AcctFin/ BE 530: Economic Analysis

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