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Campus Lactation Rooms

Lactation Rooms are available for use by students, faculty and staff of the University of Michigan-Dearborn who are nursing mothers. The rooms are NOT intended to provide space to rest for those with medical conditions that are highly contagious from contact with contaminated surfaces (e.g. influenza, stomach viruses, common cold, pink eye, etc). Individuals with those types of medical conditions should rest at home and seek medical care, as appropriate. The University sponsors lactation/quiet rooms in various buildings campus-wide to promote work/life balance for greater morale, satisfaction, and productivity within the University community. For assistance or additional information, please contact the Office of Human Resources and Institutional Equity by phone at (313) 593-5190 or by email at

The lactation rooms are available for students, faculty, staff and guests. 

Campus Lactation Room Locations:

  • University Center- 2nd Floor, Room #2168
    • Please visit the University Center’s Information Desk located on the 1st floor to obtain the access code for the Lactation Room #2168.
  • Fairlane Center North- 1st Floor, Room #139
    • Please visit the Fairlane Center North’s Information Desk located on the 1st floor to obtain the access code for the Lactation Room #139.

Cleaning & Sanitization:

All Lactation Room users are expected to clean up after each use of a room, especially when using personal breast pump equipment. This is not only out of respect for the next user, but to prevent contamination and illness transmission. If the Lactation Rooms require immediate attention, please contact the Facilities Team at (313) 593-5270.


Lactation Resources:

Wayne County Breastfeeding Coalition

La Leche League of Michigan

Oakland County Breastfeeding Coalition

Macomb County Breastfeeding Resources

The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor

UM Michigan Medicine - Breastfeeding Support at Briarwood Center for Women, Children and Young Adults