"Recognition is so easy to do
and so inexpensive to distribute
that there is simply no excuse
for not doing it."

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Author and Management Consultant

Current Formal Awards
  • Often are initiated by the organization
  • Usually recognize effort of the employee over a span of time
  • Lend credibility to informal rewards
  • Amazing Blue (Business Affairs Specific)


Current Formal Awards Include:

  • Chancellor's Staff Recognition

  • Staff Appreciation Picnic

  • Merit Increases - based on performance

  • Staff Senate Plaque outside the Chancellor's office

  • Campus Service Awards

Informal Awards
  • Often are spontaneous and easy to implement
  • Should be specific and accurate
  • Are personal and appropriate to the receiver

Recognition Guidelines:

  • Match the reward to the achievement
  • Consider the receiver's comfort level
  • Be timely and specific
  • Be fair and consistent

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