"Recognition is so easy to do
and so inexpensive to distribute
that there is simply no excuse
for not doing it."

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Author and Management Consultant

    • Often are initiated by the organization
    • Usually recognize effort of the employee over a span of time
    • Lend credibility to informal rewards
    • Amazing Blue (Business Affairs Specific)


    Current Formal Awards Include:

    • Chancellor's Staff Recognition

    • Staff Appreciation Picnic

    • Merit Increases - based on performance

    • Staff Senate Plaque outside the Chancellor's office

    • Campus Service Awards

    • Often are spontaneous and easy to implement
    • Should be specific and accurate
    • Are personal and appropriate to the receiver

    Informal Award Ideas Include:

Recognition Guidelines:

  • Match the reward to the achievement
  • Consider the receiver's comfort level
  • Be timely and specific
  • Be fair and consistent

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