Message from the Chair - June 2019


Engage with the campus community. Join us at many upcoming events and be part of UM-Dearborn's strategic planning process.

Bryan Earl, Staff Senate Chair
Bryan Earl, Staff Senate Chair
Bryan Earl Chair, Staff Senate

Greetings and Happy Summer!  

I hope that these warmer months will give all staff members some well-deserved rest while continuing to plan for the 2019-20 academic year and beyond.  I want to thank everyone who was able to join us at Bailey’s on May 15th for the Staff Senate Social.  It was great to see many faces around campus join together in a casual setting.

As we move into the summer months and the University’s strategic planning process continues, I would like to encourage staff to take part in the strategic planning process.  In early May, Chancellor Grasso sent an email with the working groups and the chairs for each group. I encourage staff to reach out to a chair of a working group and volunteer to be a member of one of the working groups.  For more information on the strategic planning process, work groups, Thought Leaders Sessions, or to provide feedback please go to the strategic planning website at:    

I would also like to encourage staff to attend the upcoming Chancellor’s Staff Recognition Awards on June 5th.  It is a great way to help celebrate some of the many great staff members we have here at UM-Dearborn.  Also, I encourage staff to join us at the Chancellor’s Staff Picnic on Friday, June 21st.  The Staff Senate is a co-sponsor of the event and there will be approximately 25 vendors, food, and games.  

As always, staff are invited to join us at our monthly Staff Senate meetings, which occur on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 9:00am in 1227 UC.  If you have any questions or comments for the Staff Senate, please feel free to e-mail me (   I hope everyone has a relaxing, enjoyable, and productive summer.  

Go Blue!

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