Updates for Content Editors: changes to sections and the Rich Text Editor (RTE)

March 2, 2020

We changed a few things when implementing the visual refresh.

Here are the changes that will affect you as a content editor:

  • Images
    • Image dimensions are now updated on the page. That means that they still need to be cropped, but they will display larger.
  • Links section
    • You can now add an unlimited number of links to a links section. 
  • Videos
    • Display in rows instead of in a carousel.
    • Are larger when there is a single video embedded.
    • They also play inline with the option to display full-screen.
    • Captions below videos now have no character limit.
    • Attribution below a quotation is no longer required.
  • Topic Tiles
    • Are now only in blue with a stripe at the top.
    • Links to college sites have a corresponding college color stripe at the top instead of maize.
    • When there are tiles with long and short titles next to each other, then they have the same height.
  • Calls to Action
    • Links to Apply, Visit Campus, and Request Information are automatically maize.
    • CTAs with long and short titles next to each other have the same height
  • Events
    • If you add events to your page via an Event List component, then they display the image if included. (Adding images increases the click ability of your event!)
  • ​​​​​​​News 
    • Layout has changed to move the recent and related articles to the bottom and enlarge images.
  • Profiles
    • Faculty and Staff profiles now display in rows rather than a carousel for easier access by individuals seeking contact information.
  • Rich Text Editor (RTE)
    • The RTE has new controls added! Now, you can:
      • Use more headings to chunk your content. Headings 1-6 are now available.
      • Indent bullets
      • Outdent bullets
      • Use superscript
      • Use subscript
      • Undo
      • Redo
      • Clear formatting
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