Winter Semester Update

Important Dates

Stay informed and read these important financial aid updates for Winter 2023.

01/4/23 01/5/23 01/9/23 01/25/23 01/9/23
First Winter 2023 disbursement* Second Winter 2023 disbursement* Third Winter 2023 disbursement* Winter 2023 bills due Regular disbursements resume (every Monday and Thursday**)

* Direct deposit refunds arrive in 5 days and paper checks arrive in up to 14 days. If you have not yet enrolled in Direct Deposit, please visit here for more information.
** Apart from Univeristy Closure.

Important Information about Disbursements and Refunds

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships encourages students to submit requested documents to our office as soon as possible so that financial aid funds can be disbursed. To receive financial aid funding as quickly as possible, students should make sure all financial aid requirements are completed.

  • To view your requirements, visit Financial Aid & Scholarship Self Service Portal
  • Our office is working diligently to process all documentation received from students to ensure that aid is disbursed timely.
  • Once financial aid pays on to student accounts, students who are eligible for refunds should receive them within 5 days if you are registered for Direct Deposit, and 14 days for receiving a paper check. For information on refunds, view the refund policy here
  • Refunds can be used to purchase books and supplies at the UM-Dearborn Barnes and Noble College Bookstore

Disbursement Details

  • Review your offer using Financial Aid and Scholarship Self Service Portal. Only aid in accepted status will disburse.
  • Initial awards are based on Full time enrollment. Award offers will be reviewed for undergraduate students enrolled less than full time before disbursement will occur. Most scholarships/tuition-based awards require full time enrollment.
  • Grants are pro-rated based on enrollment. If you are enrolled less than full time, your award will be reduced.
  • Entrance loan counseling and a Master Promissory Note are required for students expecting a loan disbursement. At least half-time enrollment is required.
  • If aid has not been applied to your account, review your Financial Aid and Scholarship Self Service Portal to see if you have any outstanding requirements.
  • Visit Office of Registrar for important dates regarding adding /dropping classes. This may have an impact on your aid through January 19, 2023 (Last day to add classes and withdraw without tuition penalty).
  • Students who add classes after financial aid has disbursed may create a balance. Pay your balance before late fee charges are added. Review your options with Student Accounts.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Review your standing by logging into the Financial Aid & Scholarship Self Service Portal.

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

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