Kochoff Pathway to Success Graduate Scholarship

The Kochoff Pathway to Success Graduate Scholarship program was created through the vision of Arthur and Mary Kochoff.  Arthur Kochoff has been described as a "lifelong learner," which he demonstrated by returning to school at the age of 75.  Because Arthur and Mary deeply believed education improves lives, they donated the bulk of their estate to make a college education possible for students who otherwise might not be able to afford to pursue a degree.  A portion of their donation has been set aside for students pursuing graduate studies.

Newly admitted graduate students who meet the eligibility requirements below will automatically be considered for this scholarship with a value up to $2,000.  Awards are pro-rated dependent on actual enrollment and offered until funds are depleted for that award year.

  • New Master's level admit for Summer or Fall Term (doctoral and specialist-level programs are excluded)
  • ​U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Must have completed the FAFSA with an EFC calculated at less or equal to $9,000  (Note: FAFSA Completion Advisory Deadline is May 1 of the award year)
  • Must have a bachelor's cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

When enrolled less than full-time, the value of the award will be pro-rated as follows:

  • 1-3 credits = 25%   (1 course/3 credit enrollment = $250 value per term)
  • 4-5 credits = 50%   (1-2 courses/4-5 credit enrollment = $500 value per term)
  • 6-7 credits = 75%   (2 courses/6 credit enrollment = $750 value per term)
  • 8 + credits = 100% (3 courses/9 credit enrollment =  $1,000 value per term)

The scholarship is made only the first year of study (Summer, Fall, Winter terms.)  If there is not consecutive enrollment, the award does not carry over to a future year.

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