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Transforming Students: Powering Our Region

We made an investment in our future when we enrolled at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

We were confident the university would provide us with the necessary tools to excel after graduation. We were confident our investment would give us a competitive edge and help us embark upon successful careers. Our investment paid off and we are not alone in that regard.

For more than 50 years, UM-Dearborn has transformed thousands of lives and helped power our region. University leaders continuously focus on producing more victors to transform challenges into opportunities.

In order to prepare our future victors for the real world, we all should invest in UM-Dearborn. As co-chairs for the Victors for UM-Dearborn Campaign, we have taken a firm investment in the future of our alma mater.

We invest in student support so that more people have an opportunity to receive a Michigan degree. We invest in educational initiatives so that students can gain a real-world approach to education. We invest in learning environments because creative surroundings help promote collaboration among students and faculty.

And we invest in faculty support because the university’s future success lies in its ability to recruit and retain top-tier educators and researchers.

UM-Dearborn has a bold vision for the future. That bold vision requires a $50 million investment. So far, hundreds of UM-Dearborn alumni and friends have supported that investment through generous financial gifts.

The decision to support UM-Dearborn is the product of a lifetime of experience and thought. We have come to realize that many people along the way have aided our own career journeys. Our education was the cornerstone.

Whether financial support or a guiding hand, we view it as a sacred trust to those that came before us and shared of their time, talent and treasure to help those in the same manner that come after us.

Thank you for your support of UM-Dearborn. Your investment will impact our region for years to come.

Lizabeth Ardisana (’84 M.S.E.) and Eric Nemeth (’85 B.A.)
Victors for UM-Dearborn Campaign, Co-Chairs

Institutional Advancement

Administration Building (AB)
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