Gaining experience to be a successful Army officer

August 10, 2020

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters student MiKayla Adams has ambitious future plans including a career as an Army officer and the Donald Thomas Lico Endowed Scholarship is bringing her closer to achieving her goals.

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL) student MiKayla Adams has clear plans for her future, but while she works toward accomplishing her goals she is also making the most of her time at UM-Dearborn. Initially choosing to attend UM-Dearborn because it was close to home, she was soon convinced she’d found a place she would succeed and enjoy her experience after getting to know the campus. “I had intentions on transferring, but I liked how I had easy access to people who were able to help from registration to tutoring and the small class sizes,” she says.

She has embraced the campus by becoming actively involved with various student organizations and activities. In addition to being named a UM-Dearborn Difference Maker, she is part of the Engaged Scholars Community, and is a member of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), Black Student Union, Student Veterans Association, and UM-Ann Arbor’s Varsity Cheer Team.

Originally a student in the College of Business, Adams ultimately decided to make a decision that would best serve her future goals. “I chose to switch to communications because I wanted my major to be broad enough in case my interests change, which they have many times over the course of my years in college alone,” she explains.

Adams singles out one teacher who inspired her to change the direction of her studies: Writing Center Coordinator John Taylor. “Professor John Taylor encouraged my studies because it was in his class that I blossomed or recognized my writing skills which ultimately landed me back in CASL.”

Another source of support was the Donald Thomas Lico Endowed Scholarship. “It was an honor to receive the Donald Thomas Lico Endowed Scholarship because the donor was very involved. I was able to meet him and learned that we had some similarities. This scholarship allowed me to continue my goal of graduating on time from UM-Dearborn. Without it, I would be graduating in summer and not able to commission with my peers,” Adams says.

Adams has several other interests she wants to explore in the future, but one goal has been a constant motivation throughout her college journey: to be an Army officer. “My future career plans include commissioning as a second lieutenant in the US Army,” she says. In addition to her military career, she also plans to work in real estate and pursue her master’s degree. Her plans are ambitious, but Adams is no stranger to hard work and a busy schedule, and she is determined to accomplish her goals.

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