Making a positive difference in the business world

July 13, 2020

College of Business graduate Kelsey Korte was determined to pursue her passion for marketing and inspired by support from the Allard Family Trust Endowed Scholarship.

Kelsey Korte (’20 B.B.A.) first became interested in marketing while working in retail. “I had worked for the same company for almost seven years, and through my experience I developed a fire in my belly for marketing and market research,” she says. Working in this area allowed her to gain hands-on experience and a practical understanding of marketing practices, as well as how she hopes to improve them.

Knowing she’d found a subject she was truly passionate about and wanting to attend classes close to home, she says her “heart was set on UM-Dearborn” when she learned that the College of Business offers a degree in Marketing. “I come from a long line of Wolverines, and I was very much excited to join the U of M family.”

“I wanted to be part of the process to help develop products and styles that would produce less waste,” she says, recognizing the economic as well as the social benefits of her goal. “With less waste, it would allow the company to save more money and resources to use for future developments. Such developments could help the world in more positive ways.”

She is particularly grateful for the teachers at UM-Dearborn who helped develop her knowledge and skills in the subject matter. “I had transferred from a local college, and the difference in the quality of the faculty of UM-Dearborn is noteworthy,” she says. She praises her College of Business lecturers and professors including Nicholas Vlisides, Thomas Deska, Karen Strandholm, Aaron Ahuvia, Anne-Louise Statt and Justin Ames, all of whom she says “played a huge role in my success as a student.”

“Each one of these professors treat their roles as educators, much like that of a mentor,” she says. “They truly, deeply, care about student success and encouraged me in many ways, all while challenging me and pushed me to do my very best.”

In addition to the invaluable support she received from her professors, Korte is also thankful for the assistance from UM-Dearborn’s Allard Family Trust Endowed Scholarship. “It means everything to me, to have been awarded the Allard Family Trust Endowed Scholarship,” she says. For Korte, the scholarship means more than just its monetary value. “The financial burden of university is so heavy for many students, so not only was a bit of my burden lifted, but I then knew that someone believed in me and my achievements,” she says.

Looking towards the future, Korte has both short-term and long-term goals on her radar. “I would love to do market research and qualitative studies for cosmetic brands,” she says of her dream to combine her passion for business and marketing with her love of makeup. As she works towards her dream, she hopes to work with syndicated data studies.

Wherever her career takes her, she doesn’t want to lose sight of her initial ambition to work with businesses and products that are mindful of their potential impact. “I hope to gain more experience in the field, and work with companies and brands that truly care about what the customer wants,” she says.

As Korte prepares to begin her journey in the business world she appreciates the support that helped her get to this point and gave her the confidence to pursue her dream. “From my family, to the Allard Family, and the UM-Dearborn family, thank you for believing in me,” she says.

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