New scholarship supports students pursuing criminal justice careers

March 9, 2020

Dearborn Police Officers scholarship encourages students to "make things better than the way (they) found them" through law enforcement

Dearborn Police Charities
Dearborn Police Charities
Professor Donald Shelton (left), Cpl. James Wade ('18 B.A.), Lt. Madou Bazzi ('19 B.A.) and College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Dean Marty Hershock

The Dearborn Police Officers Charities (DPOC) was founded to help support the family of Lt. Doug Lowe after his tragic passing from cancer. Over the last sixteen years, DPOC has continued to provide support for its members during personal tragedies, and has helped hundreds of local families.

To expand this support and ensure their tradition of giving continues, DPOC has created a new UM-Dearborn scholarship. The Dearborn Police Officers Charities Community Service Scholarship will support UM-Dearborn students who are interested in a career in law enforcement or are pursuing a degree in Criminology or Criminal Justice (CCJ) and have graduated from Dearborn Public Schools or an established private or charter high school in Dearborn. 

Cpl. James Wade (‘18 B.A.) of the Dearborn Police Officers Charities views the DPOC scholarship as the perfect way to honor Lt. Lowe’s legacy and dedication to the Dearborn community. “Several members of our department are active students or alumni of UM-Dearborn and we have witnessed firsthand the partnership, sense of community and pride that the university instills in this city, and we wanted to be a part of that positivity,” Wade says.

Professor Donald Shelton, Director of the Criminology and Criminal Justice Program at UM-Dearborn, agrees with this sentiment. “The [CCJ] Program has a long history and close relationship with the Dearborn Police Department and is extremely grateful to the Dearborn Police Officers Charities for the creation of this scholarship,” he says, adding that he hopes the scholarship “will enable and encourage local students to pursue a career in Criminal Justice” at UM-Dearborn.

In addition to seeking careers in law enforcement, DPOC scholarship recipients are expected to be actively involved with community service organizations. “The main mission of our charity is to help others, and we hope the recipient of this scholarship embodies that ideology not only with their community work but their career goals as well,” says Wade. "It would be great to have this come full circle one day and possibly have a recipient of this scholarship working for our department.”

While his career comes with a lot of responsibility, Wade is also cognizant of and grateful for the opportunity he has to make a positive difference on a local, or even national level. “Law enforcement and criminal justice in general provides a person with a unique opportunity to make things better than the way you found them," Wade says. "We stand on a platform that can have a huge impact for positive change,”

As an alumnus, Wade appreciates the people at UM-Dearborn who made his experience more meaningful. 

“Dearborn is one of the most diverse communities, and the campus embodies that,” he says. He credits his UM-Dearborn experiences for expanding his understanding and knowledge, and is grateful that the campus community has allowed him an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds, which he says has advanced his personal and professional growth.

“As much as this scholarship is a singular award, it is also part of something much more. It represents the hard work of all the members of the Dearborn Police Department and the community members who support us and our charity every day,” Wade says. “My hope is the student or students who receive this award embody our charity mission of ‘help us, help others.’”

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