Our students say thanks

November 19, 2019

In honor of the season of giving thanks, we are sharing some notes from UM-Dearborn students expressing gratitude for the donor support that has empowered their university education and experiences.

“It is with immense gratitude that I thank you for the Janet and Cynthia Hewitt scholarship for women. Your gift has taken a large burden off of my shoulders… It has been the main regret in my life that I never completed University and thanks to your gift that regret will become the completion of a dream in December of 2019 when I will receive my Bachelors of Arts in Urban and Regional Studies… I have done field research and studied alternative solutions to this [the affordable housing] crisis and after graduation, I plan to continue this work in assisting women affected by domestic violence and formerly homeless individuals obtain permanent housing. Again, I thank you for your contribution, I promise you that it will help change the lives of members of our community one day.”

Krystal Hull

Janet and Cynthia Hewitt Scholarship for Women recipient


“I come from a large family of nine and am the middle child of seven siblings. My eldest sister is an alumna of the University of Michigan-Dearborn and two of my siblings are also current students… My parents have always expressed the importance of education to us and continuously urge us to chase after opportunities that they never had… I cannot thank you enough for your support because this scholarship will not only aid me in continuing my studies, but will also alleviate a great expense off of my family.”

Gevino Kassab

James and May Bell Loeb Scholarship recipient


“I went to school to become a teacher because teaching has always been my passion. I want to make sure students have a great learning experience as they grow older, and pave their way into their career choices, and I hope to be someone they truly remember as helping them get here. I am thankful for the University of Michigan-Dearborn for helping me get where I need to be.”

Hussein E. Beydoun

Grace and Evelyn Kachaturoff Scholarship recipient


“What this scholarship means to me is a partnership with our donors. In this partnership we are encouraging and motivating others by showing that hard work, dedication and a thirst for knowledge in a formal education pays off for anyone who is willing to do the work. It means with the help of our generous donors that I can pursue my dreams and not only provide better opportunities for myself, but also show my family that it is well within their reach.”

La’Donna Goliday

Kris and Ruth Pfaehler Scholarship recipient


“I am so grateful for receiving the Henry Patton Scholarship. I have worked hard through my high school career and to be recognized for it is amazing. I will bring that strong work ethic to University of Michigan-Dearborn. I am getting ready to have a great year. Thank you again.”

Morgan Semack

Henry Patton Scholarship recipient


“Thank you so much for your kind donations to further the education of students of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, including me. My generation in my family is the first to go to college. My parents came from Vietnam to America after staying in refugee camps in Hong Kong. They have worked every day since they immigrated to give me and my siblings a good life and education. My brother and sister have both achieved higher education degrees, and I plan to do the same…I want to be part of the technological revolution to help make things more efficient and easier for future generations. I absolutely love science and technology and want to learn more, and computer science can help further the knowledge we can discover.”

Lynsey Nguyen

Community College Transfer Scholarship recipient

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