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May 7, 2019

CECS Alumni Affiliate creates student space in the new ELB

Seeing a need and helping fill it. That has been the long-time goal of the CECS Alumni Affiliate. From creating and sponsoring Engineering Experience Day to providing mentoring expertise to our students, the affiliate has not just shown leadership, they have jumped in to provide support on many levels.

So, when discussing support for the new Engineering Lab Building, the members of the affiliate were all in. They agreed to lead the charge on funding a space for students. Dean Tony England, inspired by their commitment, pledged that the college would match up to $50,000. As of April 2019, more than $50,000 has been raised.

“We wanted to ensure that tomorrow’s students can have the best academic experience possible to enable them to be leaders in the profession and make an impact on SE Michigan and beyond,” said John Cole (’76 B.S.E.), chair of the CECS Alumni Affiliate. “We also know from our experience that collaboration in the engineering world of today is critically important. We felt that providing a collaborative work space for students to use that also has a great view of the campus was important not only for current students, but also for us as alumni to give back to the university that helped us succeed in the industry.”

The space the alumni chose to focus on is on the second floor of the building at the end of the new three-story tower. Glass walls looking out onto campus will provide a stunning view and will have tables as well as lounge-type seating. The second floor, with labs, faculty offices and several large classrooms is the perfect location for students to be close to their learning spaces but also provide a less hectic and quieter area to study and collaborate. Engineering education has evolved significantly in recent years. In the past, seeking help or input on projects and homework may have been seen as “cheating.” Today, faculty realize students learn best from each other and strongly encourage teamwork and group projects.

While this alumni space has been funded, there are still many other opportunities available in the building.  Please contact Kelly Cronin, CECS director of development at 313-593-3500 or for more information.

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