Strength in numbers

May 6, 2019

$27K in scholarships issued from CEHHS Annual Fund

Every gift to UM-Dearborn is important, no matter what the size. When combined, smaller gifts to the Fund for UM-Dearborn or to the colleges’ Annual Fund accounts can make a tremendous collective impact, creating opportunity and transforming lives in a very immediate way.

Such was the case recently in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services, where the generosity of donors to the CEHHS Annual Fund provided for 18 students to receive $1,500 scholarships. Studying everything from health policy to early childhood to special education, these students are poised to make a tremendous impact on our community and beyond.

“We are fortunate to have University of Michigan-Dearborn alumni support the CEHHS Annual Fund," said Dean Ann Lampkin-Williams. "These generous and thoughtful gifts allow us the privilege of providing scholarships that address our students' most pressing needs, so that they may flourish here, succeed, and go on to serve the region.”


We talked to a few of these students about their ambitions, about what makes UM-Dearborn so special, and how the university and this scholarship are helping them attain their goals and realize their dreams.

Sara Bazzi is a health policy studies major who hopes to work as a hospital administrator to ensure that patients are getting the best quality of care regardless of the type of coverage they have. “Getting this award helped me take an internship class at a medical facility. With this internship, I was exposed to the HR side of it and from there I was able to gain a much greater experience and learned a lot of new skills,” she said. “From this internship, I was able to make connections and really get exposed to the administrative side of a medical facility which is going to help me with my future goals.”

“To get the CEHHS scholarship this year meant getting help when I needed it the most,” said Andrea Vazquez, a health policy studies major. “When I began school at UM-Dearborn, I was only able to take one full-time semester and then couldn't afford a full-time semester in the Winter. It felt impossible and like I would spend all of my life in school… These scholarships have been blessings when I have felt the most stranded and out of options.” Vazquez believes faculty support is key to her success in school and in her career pursuits. “The professors are challenging, but in a rewarding way. I am able to talk to my professors and build relationships with them.”

Elementary special education major Sara Baker is dedicated to helping others through education. “My purpose and passion are to bring stability to low-income students by providing wrap-around social services in the educational setting that helps stabilize their lives,” she said. The scholarship she received was tremendously helpful especially when she was student teaching. “CEHHS provided me with ample placement opportunities in low-income school districts that allowed me to observe and critically think about poverty and its destructive impact on educational outcomes,” she said, which strengthened her commitment to serving economically disadvantaged communities.

Early childhood education major Ahqam Algalham chose teaching “because it is my passion. Being around young children and watching them learn and grow is one of my biggest joys.” Receiving the CEHHS scholarship has been tremendously helpful. “Because of this generous scholarship award it will help reduce some stress about tuition and school loans,” said Algalham. “It will also help me focus on studying and strengthen my opportunity to take more courses that I was not able to take due to financial burden. Overall this scholarship award will help me graduate on time and become an amazing and successful teacher.”

“CEHHS has been monumental in helping achieve my educational and career goals,” said Sara Essiambre, a non-traditional student who is the first in her family to earn a college degree. She chose health policy studies because “I knew I wanted to help people, and I felt that healthcare was the best way for me to do so,” she said, adding that the advising she received at CEHHS was key in helping her hone in on not only a major, but a specialization also. She appreciates the “community of students” at UM-Dearborn, which, she said “can be difficult with many commuter students like myself.” She is grateful for the scholarship she received: “It will help me be able to take out less money from student loans and I am able to help my family more with the money I’ve earned at work having received this scholarship.”

Rana Hashem loves working with children and is pursuing a degree in elementary and early childhood education. “Getting the CEHHS scholarship this year meant a lot to me,” she said. “I was able to register for more credits and take less student loan amounts as I was granted the scholarship. It helped me finish my last five classes in one semester before student teaching in the fall.”

Health policy studies major and recent graduate Bayan Moheisen is especially thankful for the CEHHS scholarship allowing her to graduate on time. “If it wasn't for this scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to take a certain class that is required for graduation. I am really thankful, since it is one of the reasons I graduated in April,” she said. Her goals are to go into health care administration or to become a PA. “I gained a very valuable bachelor’s degree from this college that will help me get to my future career. It has also helped me receive an internship that provided me with experience that will help me standout to future graduate schools and job openings,” she said.

"I am very passionate about teaching little children to read their first word. I feel it is a very rewarding career, said early childhood education major Sefat Musleh. "Receiving the CEHHS scholarship meant a lot to me. It helped me pay some of my tuition and reduced my stress about worrying about paying my tuition." Musleh added that one of the best things about UM-Dearborn is the diversity and feeling safe when on campus. "I love being at the university, it is safe and you can feel that you are really at home. I have encountered great professors that I would never forget and I will take whatever I learned to my occupation," Musleh said.
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