Taking on the global business world

June 3, 2020

The James and May Bell Loeb Scholarship and the College of Business Faculty and Staff Scholarship allowed Rebeca Simu to seize opportunities offered at UM-Dearborn and start building the foundation for her future global business career

Rebeca Simu
Rebeca Simu
Rebeca Simu during her study abroad trip in Italy

College of Business graduate Rebeca Simu has big plans for her future, and UM-Dearborn has played an essential role in bringing her closer to achieving her goals. Recalling her family’s experience moving to the United States when she was a baby, she says, “everything was new to us and we had to work hard to achieve our goals.” Despite facing difficulties, this work ethic propelled her to success at UM-Dearborn.  

Simu decided to enroll in the College of Business to pursue her interests and gain a comprehensive understanding of business practices that would aid her in her future career endeavors. Building on her prior interest in marketing, she decided that focusing on digital marketing in particular “would be a more impactful career” due to the ubiquity of technology. Discovering that she equally enjoyed Information Systems Management, she decided to double-major. “With these two majors, I have gotten the best of both worlds, learning both the front end and back end in business activities,” she says.

Reflecting on her decision to further her education at UM-Dearborn, she admits that in addition to the programs and scholarships offered, the close-knit campus community was a major deciding factor. “I made lifelong friends, professional connections with amazing professors, and ultimately, I saw [UM-Dearborn] as a place where I can grow my skill set, succeed, and earn a University of Michigan degree all while staying close to family and friends,” Simu explains.

She also acknowledges that she wouldn’t have been able to form the same connections with her professors and classmates if it weren’t for UM-Dearborn. Among the professors who helped her grow and succeed, she particularly appreciates two that have made a significant impact in her life: Patrick Keyes, Business Administration, and Chris Samfilippo, Marketing.

Simu credits Keyes with sparking her passion for project and product management. She praises Keyes’s knowledge of the subject matter and willingness to help his students and calls him “a great mentor” who gave her career advice and helped her prepare for interviews. 

Simu was introduced to Samfilippo through the ISPM Study Abroad Program in Italy, which she says was “a truly life-changing experience I would urge all students to partake in,” because Samfilippo provided the students “with multiple opportunities to understand marketing and management through a global lens.” Simu also adds that Samfilippo’s class projects, such as helping a non-profit organization improve their content marketing efforts, provide valuable talking points in job interviews.

Simu is extremely grateful because none of these opportunities and experiences would have been possible without the support of the James and May Bell Loeb Scholarship and the College of Business Faculty and Staff Scholarship. “College came with a hefty price tag and these scholarships not only helped me financially, but also reminded me that hard work pays off,” she says.“These scholarships ultimately helped me continue my studies and helped bring me one step closer to turning my future dreams into a reality.”

Simu’s long-term plans include becoming a product manager or using her “love and knowledge for business strategy” to become a business consultant. “Ideally, I’d also love to take my profession globally,” she says. She is already on her way to achieving these goals; in addition to her study abroad experience, she also had an internal communication internship for Bosch in Romania. Simu plans to attend graduate school next year to obtain her MBA and hopes to begin working as a product management analyst for a global information provider in the next few months.

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