UM-Dearborn alumni volunteers, donors honored for National Philanthropy Day

November 14, 2018

UM-Dearborn was well represented among the awards given at the 27th Annual National Philanthropy Day Dinner, held by Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Detroit Chapter earlier this month.

Four alumni/volunteers were recognized as Distinguished Volunteers and Regent Ron Weiser and his wife Eileen received the Max M. Fisher Award for Outstanding Philanthropists, nominated by UM-Dearborn for their major gift to the new Engineering Laboratory Building and scholarship.

National Philanthropy Day, Nov. 15, was created by Congress to recognize those individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations who philanthropic activities contribute so much to our community and set a standard of philanthropy for others to emulate. Each November, AFP Greater Detroit hosts an event to honor local volunteers and philanthropists who help our community thrive.

Photos and descriptions are from the AFP program and dinner.

Jim (’78 B.S.) and Judy Miller—Dedicated

Jim and Judy Miller are the epitome of dedicated volunteers. For years, they were the backbone of a group of volunteers who raise scholarship funds for the UM-Dearborn liberal arts majors. Jim and Judy’s dedication transforms students’ lives by reducing their financial burden so they can complete their education. UM-Dearborn students will benefit from their loyal service long into the future.

Christopher Tremblay (’14 Ed.D.)--Tireless

Christopher is an exceptional volunteer for the College of Education, Health, & Human Services at UM-Dearborn. He created and led the task force to establish a new scholarship for Ed.D. students, he frequently imagines new ways to guild support for the scholarship all while serving on multiple UM-Dearborn boards and now working across the state!

Ahmad Rahal (’12 B.B.A., ’15 M.S.Acct.)--Passionate

Ahmad’s commitment to volunteering began as a student, but it didn’t end when he graduated from UM-Dearborn. He has served on the College of Business (COB) Alumni Affiliate Board since 2016. He mentored students, led meetings, and planned events for alumni, students, faculty and staff. His passion to advance the mission of COB has grown as he now serves as the Vice Chair of the Alumni Affiliate and the Wine Tasting event, which raises money to support student organizations.

Regent Ronald Weiser

Max M. Fisher Award for Outstanding Philanthropist

Regent Ronald Weiser and Eileen Lappin Weiser have a long history of philanthropy illustrated both in time and dollars. They recently provided a major gift ($1.25M) to UM-Dearborn for its new Engineering Lab Building, honoring the campus’s quality academics and impact on southeastern Michigan. A special space, the Weiser Family Atrium, will be named in honor of this gift. And as they became more aware of the critical need for student support on our campus, they have generously committed $300K to create the Weiser Family Residential Scholarship Fund, to attract academically strong students with financial need who are outside UM-Dearborn’s normal draw region.  The Weisers' philanthropy is focused in the Ann Arbor/Detroit metro area and beyond. Longstanding U-M alumni, volunteers and donors, they have committed more than $89 million to the university to date and support numerous other organizations in southeast Michigan.

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