Health Professions Advising

Learn about your health professions journey — both course work and co-curricular — at UM-Dearborn.

While you are at UM-Dearborn, learn about: your health professions area of interest, the advising curriculum to help you prepare, and how to develop your clinical and personal skills needed to help your fellow humans and animals as a future health care professional.

HPA at UM-Dearborn

At UM-Dearborn, you will obtain a strong liberal arts and science education to prepare you for any of the competitive health professions (HP) graduate programs (HPA Curriculum & FAQs). Be part of mentoring, professional schools visits, clinical research or pre-health professions student groups while you are on your pre-Health Professions student journey (HPA Programs).  

Health Professions Advising Journey

Begin your Health Professions journey here whether you are a first year student or a transfer student.

Health Advising Program background illustration

HPA Student Success

  • UM-Dearborn is above national acceptance rates for MD and DO medical school (41% and 45%, respectively) with our acceptance rate of 62%.  
  • When adjusted for an overall GPA (>3.7) and a high level of clinical and personal competencies, UM-Dearborn students are accepted to medical school at 77%.
  • We use a mission-based advising model and curriculum to advise our students. 

Top Pre-Health Paths