Office of Business Affairs

International Agreements

Guide for International Agreements Policy & Procedures

International agreements are an important means for the University of Michigan-Dearborn to
establish visible and active relationships with other academic institutions around the globe.
These programs prepare students for success in todayís global economy.

As these represent important commitments of the University, the General Counselís Office
reviews all international agreements and the Chancellor along with the Provost provides the necessary and final signatures authorizing their implementation. Guidelines have been
established to make sure faculty understand the necessary elements of these agreements
and the steps necessary for their approval and authorization.

  • Initial Communication - Academic Units on campus exploring the possibility of recruiting or creating an exchange with an "International University" should first review the resources available in the International agreements folder on Google Drive by messaging Dawn Roult and/or Noel Hornbacher for access. The folder includes a list of universities, example agreements for undergraduate and graduates, questions to consider and applicable scholarship directions. After these documents have been reviewed, please send a message to with the name and contact information of the university you will be connecting with, the travel arrangement dates (if applicable) and your expectations for the Chancellor to sign an agreement.
  • Agreements - Example agreements (should be in English) are available in the International Agreements Google Folder. Please use these as a guide. If you deviate from these agreements, please send your updated documents to Financial Services for review and OGC verification.
  • If any scholarships are to be discussed, follow the Scholarship instructions available in the International Agreement Google Folder.
  • When the proposed agreement has been reviewed and approved at the unit level and is ready to be signed by the Chancellor, it can be emailed or mailed to Financial Services attn: Noel Hornbacher. The agreement is forwarded to Laura Reynolds to ensure it meets Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requirements. Once confirmed, the Chancellor signs the agreement. It can then be routed to the international university for signing there. Once all signatures are obtained, it should be sent to as an electronic copy.