Student Access

UM-Dearborn students are provided with access to a wide range of University computing resources.

As a new student, you will be assigned a University of Michigan uniqname.   Your uniqname is your personal University of Michigan identifier, and is the basis for all login access. Along with your passwords, it authorizes or "authenticates"  you to many University systems in Dearborn and Ann Arbor. It is also part of your email address (

Your uniqname is assigned a UMICH Password, which is used for gaining access to systems which require authentication through the UM-Ann Arbor servers. This includes access to email, computers in the labs and classrooms, Wolverine Access and on-line courses using Canvas. Your uniqname is also used for authentication when you wish to update your directory entry in the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor's MCommunity directory.

Terminating Access to Inactive Accounts

Students who graduate from UM-Dearborn become alumni and therefore maintain a life-long relationship with the university.  An affiliation of "alumni" is added to their MCommunity Directory profile after they graduate.  Alumni will retain access to their university email.

Former students who have completed at least one term of a degree-granting are eligible for alumni status but must make a request to do so.  For more information, please visit

Students on the Dearborn campus set their own uniqnames using a self-service application via the web.  As soon as their uniqname is set, a U-M account is set up for them automatically.

     Note: if a new student already has a uniqname from a previous relationship with the university, they will reactivate their existing uniqname during the setup process rather than creating a new one.

     Email reminders are sent (two weeks apart) if the student does not set a uniqname and password, until the start of the term.

  • Once a new student sets a uniqname, a U-M Google account will be created.

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