Invest in You

  Pursue a career - Not just the next job. From astronomy to zoology, college provides the foundation to pursue your passion in life.

  Stand out - Only 24.6% of Michiganís workforce has attained a bachelorís degree and only 9.4% a masterís degree. (2012 Statistical Abstract, Education, U.S. Census)

  Live Healthier and Longer - The more education one has, the healthier the lifestyle and longer the life span. (Education Pays, The College Board, 2010)

  An Education for life - Knowledge is freedom, which lights the path to a bright future. 


  Make more money - College graduates earn more money and have more financial stability on average than high school graduates. (Education Pays, The College Board, 2010)

  Prepare to be a leader - It requires preparation: learn to express your views, listen to others, and develop your communication skills.

  Make the difference Ė The knowledge, understanding, experience and friendships gained at college will prepare you to make the difference in the world.

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