Campus Colleagues: Adam Zehel

April 29, 2021

Get to know College of Business Marketing Communications Specialist Adam Zehel — who reflects on becoming a father during the pandemic and shares what he looks forward to in 2021.

When in his Fairlane Center office, Adam Zehel always had a big smile and pressed collared shirt on when greeting people in the College of Business Dean's Suite.

Even though his last year has looked a little different and Adam has added headphones to complete his daytime look, his polished appearance and signature smile have stayed in tact — even after marathon Zoom meetings from his home office. Adam shares some changes he's encountered since March 2020 and what he looks forward to in the months to come.

What's the biggest life change you've experienced since the pandemic began? 

"Becoming a dad! Our son was born in April 2020 and it is hard to believe he just turned one year old. Being a first-time parent presents enough challenges on its own, but having a child during a pandemic and not knowing if you are going to have toilet paper adds some stress. We have been so thankful that our family has been able to remain healthy during this time. And I don’t know how we would have done it without Kroger pickups and Amazon. Last time I checked we’ve placed nearly 400 Amazon orders since January 2020.

In a way it has been nice being so busy with a little one, it helps me to focus on what brings joy."

What's kept you positive even during challenging times like the past year?

"The people. I really do like what I do and love seeing our students reach their goals. I think that's why we are all here. Being in the College of Business, I get energized by ambitious and entrepreneurial business students and always feel informed by colleagues who know the latest business trends. Working with people who are so knowledgable in business has its perks. 

My personal belief is that you have to diversify your investments and the stock market should be included in that mix. Regardless of your career path, the skills and knowledge you can learn in the classes our COB experts teach will help you to make wise investment decisions over the course of your life."

What's something you're looking forward to this summer?

"With so much heavy stuff in the past year and a half, I want to keep it simple and light. I'm looking forward to spending time by the pool with the family — it was too hot to be outside with a newborn last summer. As a lover of all things pizza, I am especially excited about using my portable Ooni Koda gas-powered pizza oven to make homemade pizzas on the pool deck."

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