Class of Fall 2021: College of Business graduate Bayan Yehya

December 6, 2021

From simplifying business processes at a Fortune 500 company to connecting nonprofit organizations so they can share research and resources, this Supply Chain Management major enjoys discovering ways to improve the world around her.

College of Business Class of Fall 2021 graduate Bayan Yehya enjoys discovering ways to improve the world around her.

As an intern at a Fortune 500 company, the Supply Chain Management major questioned why a seemingly simple update took a week — looking further into the process, Yehya shortened the turnaround time to one day. Working with the campus’ Formula SAE team on the business side of operations, she found ways to streamline communication updates between the sponsors and student engineers. And when she learned about educational disparities in other countries, she volunteered to use her skills to help bridge those gaps.

“It’s so important to evaluate the system that’s in place and look at how we can make it better, meaning more efficient and effective. That applies to all aspects of our lives from business to health to education,” she said. “I enjoy working with numbers. That’s why I wanted to major in business. But I’ve learned through my classes that what I really love is figuring out how to improve processes. That saves time and money, of course — it can also open doors for changes that make our lives better.”

Yehya said she gained much knowledge during her time on campus and she attributes that to how the College of Business curriculum is structured. She said it starts with a general overview to give students a holistic view of business operations. Then it narrows to specialized areas based on interest and majors before zooming back out to again look at all areas of business collectively.

“Near the end of the program, it revisits the general business information we were given at the beginning of the program to help us see how the detailed knowledge we gained through our majors ties into everything,” Yehya said. “My professors were wonderful. They made sure we had a deep understanding of the material. I was able to apply what I learned in many different ways.”

Yehya did multiple internships and was recognized for her ideas — at Ford Motor Company, she received a first place award during their IT Innovation Challenge. 

She was always open to learning from others. As a business team leader for Formula SAE, she attended two Original Equipment Suppliers Association Automotive Supplier conferences.

And, as a Tau Sigma National Honor Society member, she wanted to give back and help others. She worked with Wayne State University Applied Behavior Analysis Professor Dana Bazzi to help develop activities and aid for children with autism in the U.S. and in Lebanon. Using her talent of spotting efficiencies, Yehya assisted in connecting organizations with similar missions so they could share resources and research. “Mentoring and working with people with sensory disorders is close to my heart,” said Yehya. “I’ve worked as a mentor since middle school and I wanted to apply the business knowledge I’ve gained in college to help bridge education and resource gaps.”

Yehya said she’s looking forward to graduation and wants to acknowledge the years of support she’s gotten from her family, teachers, supervisors and friends. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the lessons and guidance from my parents, my sister and the amazing people I’ve had in my life,” she said. “Graduation is for all of us.”

Yehya has accepted a position with Ford Motor Company in Information Technology Management within the Ford College Graduate Program, where she’ll rotate through departments of the company and gain experience in different areas of product management. She plans on starting her MBA at UM-Dearborn in the fall.

“A master’s degree along with my work experience will allow me to increase my knowledge of business and that I’ll be able to apply that knowledge to grow within my career path,” she said. “I think we all want to do what we can to make the world a better place. And I’m going to do everything I can to help do that.”

Article by Sarah Tuxbury.

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