Giving Thanks

November 22, 2019

Here is a complete list of who you shared you were thankful for this holiday season.​​​​​​​ Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

We are thankful for all of you.

And for the people who shared their gratitude.

To: Lisa Andrews, CASL academic adviser
From: Farah Hamdan
"She helped me get through a really difficult time, and she always brightens my day whenever I go to see her. She’s simply the best, and I don’t think I would’ve survived last year without her support."

To: Joy Beatty, Organizational Behavior associate professor
From: Beatriz Diaz-Ramos
"Thank you for being so caring and dedicated to our learning. Best professor at COB!"

To: Denise Bozeman, Registration and Records staff
From: Rebekah Awood
"Denise has years of experience and a calm, patient disposition, which has been invaluable to me as a staff member and to the students she serves. She has a high-stress job, but consistently gives great customer service and still manages to look amazing while doing it. I'm so thankful I get to work with her. Thank you, Denise!"

To: Amy Brainer, assistant professor of women's & gender studies and sociology
From: Kristen Ewald
“Dr. Brainer is an amazing professor and a lovely person. I am writing this to show my heartfelt appreciation for her contribution to my life and career. I had her class my very first semester here. It was completely unrelated to my major or career path. However, it ended up being my favorite class I have taken my entire time at UM-Dearborn and one I learned the most from. I am so thankful for her. She makes this campus and the world a better place every day!”

To: Rachel Buzzeo, Behavioral Science Department administrator
From: Brittnie Smith
"I am thankful for the kindness and support you have shown me. Starting a new position is intimidating, but you made it a very easy transition for me. You have been open and honest since day one. You continue to push me to learn new things and attend events that take me out of my comfort zone. You are always available for questions, even when you are busy and the office is hectic. You are courteous to each person who comes into this office, which makes for a very comfortable work environment. I want to thank you for being you and for giving me this opportunity."

To: David Chatkoff,  Psychology associate professor
From: Ali Forsythe
"Dr. Chatkoff has been a tremendous help to me on every front while at the University. He genuinely cares about my academic future as well as my development as a young adult. I know he is really looking out for me and I can't thank him enough for everything he has done for me."

To: Danielle DeFauw, Reading and Language Arts associate professor
From: Jenna Lash
“Thank you for inspiring me to become a better writer! I appreciate your constant feedback and support.”

To: English Language Proficiency Program staff
From: Judy Walker
"The ELPP staff has been an amazing support in sharing their office space 237 Fairlane Center North, with Disability Services."

To: Lee Freeman, Information Systems Management associate professor
From: Beatriz Diaz-Ramos
"Thank you for flipping classrooms and keeping it relevant."

To: Cristina Frendo, Alumni Engagement director
From: Erin Vestrand
"I am thankful I can go to Cris for anything and everything! She is a tremendous colleague and an incredible friend."

To: Rachael Gibbs, Records/Transcripts associate registrar
From: Rebekah Awood
"Rachael is one of the most competent people with whom I've had the pleasure to work on campus. She's another unsung hero in the Registrar's office who is taking on additional work while a replacement is found for a recently vacated position. She even returns phone calls if you didn't leave a message! It's obvious that she's dedicated to her job and respects her colleagues. I'm very thankful she's at UM-Dearborn. Thank you, Rachael."

To: Tyler Guenette, Office of Student Life interim associate director
From: Rachel Leonard
"Tyler has been an influential individual in my life, and I am confident that he is a huge part of why I am who I am today. I am grateful for the friendship, mentorship and caring love that he throws my way! Tyler has believed in me since day one and I will forever be grateful for that! Keep doing what you’re doing, TG. You’re truly making a difference."
From: Patti Martin

"Tyler is instrumental is helping us reach students and assist them in getting internships.  It's hard to get students' attention, and we have several marketing strategies; most of them don't seem to be working right now.  So grateful that Tyler is helping us create a whole new path for students to find great internship and co-op opportunities.  He has given his time, imagination, and expertise to help us create Intern Prep.  Thank you, Tyler!"

To: Susan Guinn, Extended Learning & Outreach assistant director
From: Rebekah Awood
"Susan does an incredible amount of work in CECS and supports most of our programs. In spite of her workload, she's consistently patient and kind. She's always willing to listen to the concerns of her colleagues and advocates for improvements on their behalf. She does not get enough credit for the work that she does and the person that she is. I'm so glad she's part of CECS and that I get to work with her on a regular basis. Thank you, Susan."

To: Zachary Hay, Library evening supervisor
From: Anna Granch
“Zach is an amazing member of the library's User Services department. He works all of our night shifts and keeps the library open until midnight most nights. He also works with our Guest Services Officer to make the library a safe place for students. He's been a big help with student hiring and training, especially since we had to hire four new students this semester. Thanks for being your awesome self, Zach.”

To: Robert Hymes, Psychology associate professor
From: Ali Forsythe
“Dr. Hymes brightens my day every time I go to his office or have his class. I enjoy talking with him, working with him on projects, and find his personality infectious and entertaining.”

To: Deirdras Jones, Library Operations and User Services supervisor
From: Anna Granch​​​​​​
“Deirdras is an amazing coworker and a valuable member of the Library's User Services department! She's not afraid to ask tough questions, try new ideas, or jump in when we need help at the Library Info Desk. She also does a fabulous job with managing the library's Twitter & Facebook accounts. Thanks for all your hard work, Deirdras.”

To: Heidi Keppen, Library user services assistant
From: Anna Granch
“Heidi has been a great addition to the library's User Services department. She's one of our newest members and has played a big role in keeping the library open on the weekends; her willingness to fill in gaps during times where we've been short staffed at the Library Info Desk is very much appreciated. Every time I see Heidi, she's always chipper and pleasant to talk to."

To: Kathy Kern, Registration and Records staff
From: Rebekah Awood​​​​​​​
“Kathy is always helpful and on top of every task she's given. She's currently taking on extra work while a replacement is found for a recently-vacated position and she's handling things like a boss. She is one of the unsung heroes in the Registrar's office and deserves recognition. Thank you, Kathy!”

To: Patrick Keyes, Human Resources Management lecturer
From: Beatriz Diaz- Ramos
"Thank you for making classes fun!"

To: Roger Loeb, Psychology professor
From: Ali Forsythe
“Dr. Loeb has been so caring and kind to me throughout my academic journey. I am so thankful that I joined the honors program so that I could have him as an adviser and mentor through my final years in undergrad. He is one of the most fun and kindest souls I have the pleasure to meet and I hope to call him a colleague in the near future!”

To: Shari Marshall, Office of the Provost office manager
From: Kristen Ewald​​​​​​​
“Shari has my immense thanks for all of the support she has given me over the past two years. Her guidance and encouragement have helped me get to where I am today. Working with her is a pleasure! She is always eager to thank others, and go out of her way to do nice things for others, she deserves to be recognized and to know that everything she does means so much to those around her.”

To: Joan Martin, College of Business librarian 
From: Allison V. Vergara​​​​​​​
“Joan is a caring individual who helps students to figure out for themselves the importance of adding a diversity of sources to our research.”

To: Sophia McFadden-Keesling, First Year Experience librarian
From: Anna Granch​​​​​​​
"Sophia has been a tremendous asset in the library's User Services department! She's only been here for several months, but has done a tremendous job with getting fun events off the ground (things like Halloween Week and First Gen Week) while fostering collaboration across various library departments. Thank you for all your hard work and innovative ideas."

To: Janice Molloy, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management associate professor
From: Beatriz Diaz-Ramos
"Thank you for making classes relevant and understanding your students' needs!"

To: Jacob Napieralski, Geology professor
From: Kris Kleiner ​​​​​​​
"Dr. Napieralski is an incredible professor who genuinely cares about his students. He pushed me to seek my GAM certificate and it is honestly something I never would have considered. Because Dr. Napieralski cared enough to guide me in college, I now have a job in the GIS field. He is the best and I will be forever grateful for him."

To: Soraya Patton, Registration/Enrollment Services associate registrar
From: Patti Martin
"Soraya is taking the students into consideration by streamlining the process for CASL Co-op students to register electronically for the first time. Until now, every CASL co-op student had to come to Fairlane Center North for a hard copy authorization, and then to the University Center to add the course. Soraya is making this process better! Thank you, Soraya."

To: Jackie Paten, Office of Graduate Studies marketing and events coordinator
From: Keri Turner
“Thanks for always being sweet and positive! I can always count on you to make our day brighter.”

To: Tom Pitock, Veterans Affairs coordinator
From: Danielle Jourdan​​​​​​​
"Thank you, Tom, for being such an amazing advocate for veterans on campus and in the community. You go above and beyond to help others. Thank you for being such a great leader and mentor. You take whatever is given to you and trust that things will work out. Thank you for all of your hard work. I don't know what we would do without you."

From: Zaynah Taleb​​​​​​​
“Thank you for always having our backs and helping me grow on campus.”
From: Nadine Jones
"Tom and I have been working closely together since he joined our university. We have hosted numerous events to assist veterans not only on campus, but in the community. I feel he goes above and beyond his role to raise veteran awareness and ensures they aren't forgotten. I'm thankful for all his hard work and dedication."

To: Benjamin Phillips, Mathematics and Statistics lecturer
From: Jenna Lash
"Thank you for making limits and derivatives as interesting as they can be. I appreciate your passion for math."

To: Alex Rattray, Office of Graduate Studies customer service associate
From: Keri Turner
“Thank you for being amazing.”

To: Joan Remski, professor of Mathematics
From: Patti Martin
“Professor Remski was the first CASL department chair to include co-op in a department faculty meeting.  What a great benefit to students in the long run! Thanks to Dr. Remski, the faculty of Mathematics and Statistics are well-informed about CASL co-op and are well-positioned to assist students who seek career-related work experience as part of their undergraduate experience. Students who are placed in co-op jobs don't always know what is going on behind the scenes to encourage their awareness of great resources like co-op. I thank Dr. Remski on behalf of the Math and Stats students who are going to be in co-op jobs in the near future.”

To: Deb Roundtree, lecturer in Psychology, supervisor of Supplemental Instruction
From: Andrew Mady​​​​​​​
“The sense of community that is fostered by the SI program is second to none and I've made lifelong friendships during my time working as a SI leader (SIL), mentor and as an assistant supervisors for the SI program. I wouldn't have had this opportunity if it wasn't for my supervisor, Deb Roundtree. Thanks to Deb and to all of the current and previous SILs for making the SI program what it is today. Working in the SI program has been the greatest experience during my time at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I've enjoyed working with some of the brightest students on the Dearborn campus over the last five and a half years and I'll always cherish my time spent working in the SI program. Once a SIL, always a SIL!”

To: Kristen Sanchez, Office of Graduate Studies assistant director
From Keri Turner
“Thanks for being a great boss   — even if I do complain about the work you give me.”

To: Diane Sigler, alumni engagement specialist
From: Rachel Leonard
“Diane has been such a huge influence in my life. She has been a friend, mentor, teacher, listener, and everything a student could ask for in their boss. She has taught me so much, and I am so grateful for every ounce of knowledge that she has shared. She is amazing.”

To: Holly Sorscher, head of Library User Services
From: Anna Granch​​​​​​​
“Holly's positive energy is contagious, and she's always so supportive, approachable, open to new ideas, and conscious of doing what's best for library users. Holly, thank you for your awesomeness and for being the glue that holds User Services together.”

To: Madeline Snipes Derrick, Registration and Records staff
From: Rebekah Awood​​​​​​​
“Madeline is always cheerful when we speak on the phone, which is only ever about assisting a student with registration. She's helpful and kind in a high-stress job. When we happen to meet in person around campus, she always asks how I and my family are doing. I'm so glad I get to work with her. Thank you, Madeline.”

To: Staff at McKinley Café
From: Amy Brainer
"The staff at the McKinley Cafe are gracious and kind. I want to especially thank Joyce, as she is the person I interact with most frequently. Service industry jobs are uniquely hard. You have to deal with so many different personalities and, often, other people's bad days. I want the staff to know that they are appreciated. Thank you."

To: Staff who cleans ice and snow
From: Pamela Heatlie​​​​​​​
"You are the unsung heroes of the winter season. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the work you do keeping our walking paths (and parking spaces) as clear as possible. It's not easy work, and you do it in the cold as well as early and late hours.  Thank you very much!"

To: Jesse Stanghini, College of Business adviser
From: Nariman Halimeh​​​​​​​
“Thank you for helping students achieve their dreams!!”

To: Casandra Ulbrich, vice chancellor for institutional advancement
From: Cristina Frendo​​​​​​​
"I am grateful for Casandra on a daily basis. Today I'm grateful for her calming presence and motivational way of encouraging me. Knowing that she believes in me makes the day's worries much less stressful."

To: Erin Vickey, Office of Graduate Studies application coordinator
From: Keri Turner
“You are the best.”

To: Melisa Wilson, financial specialist
From: Sheryl Kubiak​​​​​​​
"Melisa is always willing to help me with anything I need, and never appears to mind. She's very patient and actually seems happy when she can help! Melisa is our financial support person, and I don't have much background in that. However, I'm gaining some and usually have questions for her. She's ALWAYS very patient and, again, doesn't seem to mind at all. We have scheduled time on our calendars for her to come over to my office and do mini training for me."

To: Joe Woods, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering student administrative assistant
From: Rebekah Awood​​​​​​
“Joe is a colleague and a friend. He has a very high workload but maintains a positive attitude and is always available when I need to vent. His sense of humor really helps me get through the busy days, and he's likely saved me from a mental breakdown more than once. I'm so glad I get to work with him. Thank you, Joe!”

To: Nancy Wrobel, Psychology professor
From: Ali Forsythe
​​​​​​​“Dr. Wrobel has been an absolute pleasure to work with, as a student I feel as though she understands the complexity of my life as an undergrad and continually encourages me to strive for the best that I can be. I am honored to work with her and know that she is compassionate and caring for all her students.”

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