News from Mardigian Library: OER, book signing and get to know Carla Brooks


Learn about UM-Dearborn's OER initiative, meet author and alumnus Christopher Tremblay as he discusses Walt Disney's connection to Dearborn and get to know Carla Brooks.

Christopher Tremblay and Carla Brooks
Christopher Tremblay and Carla Brooks
Christopher Tremblay, left, will be on campus Dec. 4 to discuss his new book, Walt's Pilgrimage. Carla Brooks, right, is the first to be featured in the library's new Getting to Know... series.

Library staff present on open educational resources at SEMLOL

Library staff members and graduate students Anna Granch and Tim Streasick gave a presentation on "Identifying Best Practices for Establishing OER in Academic Libraries" at the Southeastern Michigan League of Libraries (SEMLOL) fall meeting. Granch (user services reserves coordinator) and Streasick (electronic access associate) focused on four best practices they identified as they began their work on the library’s newly formed Open Educational Resources Committee: identifying stakeholders, engaging with the wider OER community, identifying OER tools and resources, and developing your pitch for implementing OER on college campuses.

Results from recent student and faculty surveys were also shared. A student survey about financial experiences with textbooks and course materials found that 75 percent of the 134 respondents chose not to purchase or rent a textbook because of the price. Financial distress due to textbook costs was reported by 62 percent of respondents. Faculty were asked about their experiences with OER and their interest in working with the library to implement OER into their courses. The majority of the 24 respondents reported that they are either somewhat familiar or not at all familiar with OER. All faculty respondents, however, reported that they would be interested in implementing these resources into their courses and work with librarians on accomplishing this goal.

The committee aims to implement usage of OER textbooks and other freely accessible materials in UM-Dearborn courses. This could help alleviate textbook costs for students while enriching their learning experience by offering them new ways to access course materials.

More information about the library’s two-year OER initiative can be accessed here:

Book signing and presentation about the fascinating life of Walt Disney

What is Walt Disney’s connection to Dearborn? UM-Dearborn alumnus and author, Christopher Tremblay, answers that question in his new book, Walt’s Pilgrimage. Tremblay will discuss the story behind the book and the places in America where Walt Disney lived, worked and played, including Dearborn. Walt Disney visited The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village at least three known times in the 1940s. It is suspected that he was inspired by Greenfield Village as he built Disneyland. Learn more during Tremblay’s insightful presentation!

Monday, December 4, 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Berkowitz Gallery, Mardigian Library (3rd floor)
Signed books will be available for purchase.

Tremblay is a 2014 doctoral graduate of UM-Dearborn and worked on campus from 2005 to 2013, most recently as assistant vice chancellor in Enrollment Management and Student Life.

New databases from the Mardigian Library

Michigan Photography
The Michigan Photography image collection contains photographs of people, places, and events at the University of Michigan dating back to 2000. Michigan Photography is an official unit of the University of Michigan dedicated to documenting the institution's history through "thoughtful, creative, and consistently excellent photographic images." This online collection represents a curated and well-described selection of the unit's overall work and have been used in internal and external university publications.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences provides more than 3,000 peer-reviewed articles, images, a glossary of terms, news, and some multimedia files on a wide variety of life sciences topics.

Selections from the William B. Mershon Papers
William B. Mershon was a well-known Michigan conservationist and sportsman who served as state forester. These selected materials from the William B. Mershon papers provide unique documentation of outdoor recreation and conservation efforts in Michigan during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Correspondence, photographs, and writings, in addition to meticulously kept journals, offer an unparalleled view into Mershon's enduring passion for hunting, fishing, and camping as well as his efforts to protect Michigan's forests and waterways.

Treasury of Linguistic Maps Online
Treasury of Linguistic Maps Online is a collection of maps detailing the distribution of languages, dialects, words, and grammatical features. High-resolution linguistic maps allow searching by sub-discipline, language or dialect, geographical location, year or century described, map caption or description, map author, book author, book title, year of publication, and full text.

Zhonghua Ancient Books Database
This database includes materials that are published by Zhonghua Book Company, covering Confucian classics, history, philosophy, and literature. This database features the Twenty-Four Histories, annotation and commentaries of Thirteen Classics in the Qing Dynasty, collection of historical notes, and basics of classical literature.

British Literary Manuscripts Online
British Literary Manuscripts Online presents facsimile images of literary manuscripts, including letters and diaries, drafts of poems, plays, novels, and other literary works, and similar materials. Searching is based on tags and descriptive text associated with each manuscript. Please note that the text of the manuscripts themselves is not searchable.

Getting to Know Carla Brooks, the Head of the Library Research Center

As head of the Library Research Center at the Mardigian Library, Carla Brooks manages the librarians who help you with your research. The library’s Social Media Committee sat down with Brooks, who chatted with us about her work at the library and what she likes to do for fun outside of work.

What are your main job duties at the Mardigian Library and what do you love most about what you do?
My main duties are managing a group of smart librarians. I am also the selector for English and African & African-American Studies. What I love most is I learn something new, all of the time.

What do you do for fun outside of work?
I like going to movies, mostly indie films, but I like the mainstream ones, too. I like theater, musicals are a favorite. An occasional symphony or opera. I volunteer for events at my church. I’m also taking a course on coding.

What are your hobbies?
Gardening. I like to play in the dirt. I also like to cook. And reading, of course.

What is the last movie you saw?
Split. It came out earlier this year, but I just saw it on cable.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Mario’s, in Detroit. Love their tableside prep Caesar salad!

This is the first interview of our Getting to Know… series with librarians and staff in the Maridigian Library. Stay tuned for more interviews!

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