News from the Office of Metropolitan Impact: Healing Centered Restorative Engagement, Civic Engagement Week and PAMD


OMI Executive Director Tracy Hall and Social Work Assistant Professor Jessica Camp present on Healing Centered Restorative Engagement, the university celebrates Civic Engagement Week and Public Allies Metro Detroit welcomes a new group of allies and community organizations.

Office of Metropolitan Impact Executive Director Tracy Hall and Social Work Assistant Professor Jessica Camp presented at the Coalition for Urban and Metropolitan Universities annual conference in Chicago from Oct. 22-24. They presented on Healing Centered Restorative Engagement (HCRE), an innovative way to combine trauma-informed care and restorative practices. HCRE extends the existing approaches to include “awareness and actions that address the conditions that create trauma in the first place,” as noted by trauma researcher and practitioner Shawn Ginwright. A similar presentation was given at the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) conference in Detroit, held Oct. 24-26.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn was a major sponsor of the IIRP conference this year. As such, Dean of Students Amy Finley was asked to offer opening remarks on the second of the conference.  She spoke of embedding restorative practices “into the DNA of our institution and in our outreach and engagement activities regionally, nationally, and globally.” Dean Finley also spoke of the spirit of community, a major conference theme, and the power of a community to impact change.

Civic Engagement Week

University of Michigan-Dearborn celebrated Civic Engagement Week from Oct. 29-Nov. 2 by educating students and raising awareness about civic actions students can take. While many students are aware of the volunteering and voting aspects of civic engagement, that is just the tip of the iceberg.  A kickoff event provided students with an opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions on how they believed they were civically engaged and how they would make this world a better place.  Hosted by the Office for Student Engagement, with support from the Office of Metropolitan Impact, students were exposed to and participated in Democracy Dialogues and other civic engagement events throughout the week, designed to increase student civic skills, knowledge and values.

Public Allies Metro Detroit

Public Allies Metro Detroit (PAMD) is a proud member of the AmeriCorps national service network and is housed in OMI. As one of 24 Public Allies locations throughout the United States, PAMD is changing the face and practice of leadership in Detroit and demonstrating a conviction that everyone can lead.

Using a blend of national and locally designed curriculum, PAMD is the only site to host two service programs: a five-month pre-apprenticeship program called Leadership Academy, and the flagship 10-month apprenticeship. The curriculum combines four essential elements to create an experience of personal and professional development:

  • Practical, on-the-job learning through a paid, full-time nonprofit apprenticeship;
  • Rigorous leadership development training;
  • Community building through an intensive cohort model; and
  • Mentoring, coaching and continual self-reflection.

Starting in October, OMI and PAMD welcomed 33 allies and 26 nonprofit partner organizations to the 2018-2019 10-month apprenticeship program. Six of the 33 allies are returning members, called fellows, who are dedicated to serving Detroit and the metropolitan area for a second term. The allies recently bonded and kicked off their service through a camping experience, which initiated their training. Our team looks forward to another exciting year serving Detroit and the metropolitan area!

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