News from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: June 2019

June 24, 2019

External Grants Received

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs would like to congratulate the following faculty members on receiving external funding for their research.

Fred Feng, PhD, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, was recently awarded a contract from Toyota Research Institute to conduct a naturalistic bicycling study in the Ann Arbor area using instrumented research bicycles. The study aims to collect continuous quantitative data of people riding bicycles on real-world roadways and their interactions with vehicle drivers. The data would be used for developing test scenarios for self-driving vehicles to safely interact with bicyclists on the road.

Yunus Zeytuncu, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, was recently awarded a grant from the Department of Defense to fund a program to expose awareness and understanding of mathematics as well as educate and train the diverse group of students (most of the students will be from underrepresented groups, women, first year college students and students from two-year college programs) to become contributing members and ambassadors of the mathematics community. 

Yi Lu Murphey, PhD, Interim Vice Provost for Research/Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research/Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was recently awarded a $50,000 contract from Ford Motor Company to investigate innovative preference learning (PL) technologies that have the capabilities of making personalized recommending items based on sensing, understanding users’ preference and need, dealing with “cold start” problems and modeling users’ or items’ latent features.

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