News from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: May 2019

May 17, 2019

ORSP awards nearly $84,000 in campus grants; announces grant recipients including awardees for SURE Program, UM-Dearborn Scholars, Professional Development and more.

$83,993 in Campus Grants Awarded

At the March 29, 2019 meeting, the Research Support Committee of the Faculty Senate reviewed 10 applications and awarded six peer reviewed campus grants totaling $45,093 to UM-Dearborn faculty and students in the following categories:

Research Initiation & Development – provide financial support for faculty research projects designed to lead to a proposal for external funding with a strong potential of being awarded.

     Wencong Su, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering- $15,000

     Armagan Bayram, PhD, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering-$5,813

     Kalyan Kondapalli, PhD, Biological Sciences- $7,500

     Kirsten Dara Hill, PhD, Education-$7,500

UM-Dearborn Scholars – provide financial support for faculty research and scholarship, including creative activities in the arts, for projects with funding needs not addressed by other support programs within or outside the University.

     John Chenoweth, PhD, Anthropology- $3.280

     Peter Oelkers, PhD, Natural Sciences- $6,000

The breakout by college is as follows:


# of Applications

# of Awards

Total $ Awarded


















Professional Development Grant Recipients

The following Professional Development Grants were awarded to provide funds to enhance and strengthen the academic programs of UM-Dearborn by supporting the professional and personal growth of our faculty and lecturers.

Faculty Professional Development Grants Totaling

Joy Beatty, PhD, Organizational Behavior-$650

Wayne Fu, PhD, Decision Sciences-$650

Yi Guo, PhD, Information Systems Management-$650

David Kaufman, PhD, Decision Sciences -$650

Xiaohua Li, PhD, Natural Sciences -$650

Lecturer Professional Development Grants Totaling

Rita Agius, Management Studies- $500

Mike Callahan, Management Studies- $500

Jill Darling, PhD, LCC-$500

Sarah Davey, Education- $500

Badrinath Dhakal, PhD, Natural Sciences- $500

Justin Ellsworth, Education- $500

Thomas Foy, LCC- $500

Amy Kessling, LCC- $500

Margaret Mikula, Mathematics & Statistics- $500

Alicia Schaeffer, LCC- $500

Diana Smrt, Management Studies- $500

Kristian Stewart, LCC- $500

Claudia Walters, Social Sciences- $500

Tuere Wheeler, Management Studies- $500

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) 2019 Program Grant Recipients

A total of $80,500 has been awarded through funding from ORSP ($28,000) and each of the Colleges to support stipends for UM-Dearborn undergraduate students to participate in the 2019 SURE program.

The SURE program allows full-time UM-Dearborn faculty members to invite an undergraduate student to participate in faculty-led research and scholarly projects over the summer. In addition to mentorship by their faculty sponsor, the students also receive education through a series of training workshops on a variety of topics related to the practice of research. Each student will receive a stipend of $3500 to participate in the SURE program during the 2019 summer semester.  

Jessica Camp, PhD- Health & Human Services

William Clarkson, PhD- Physical Sciences

Anne Danielson-Francois, PhD- Biological Sciences

Francine Dolins, PhD- Behavioral Sciences

Orin Gelderloos, PhD- Natural Sciences

Gargi Ghosh, PhD- Mechanical Engineering

Jun He, PhD- Management Studies

Georgina Hickey, PhD- Social Sciences

Mathumai Kanapathipillai, PhD- Mechanical Engineering

Kalyan Kondapalli, PhD- Natural Sciences

Hafiz Malik, PhD- Electrical & Computer Engineering

Pankaj Mallick, PhD-Mechanical Engineering

Bruce Maxim, PhD- Computer & Information Science

Alireza Mohammadi, PhD- Electrical & Computer Engineering

Peter Oelkers, PhD- Natural Sciences

Natalie Sampson, PhD- Health & Human Services

Jie Shen, PhD- Computer & Information Science

Shelia Smith, PhD- Physical Sciences

Hung-Chung Su, PhD- Management Studies

Sonia Tiquia-Arashiro, PhD- Natural Sciences

Aditya Viswanathan, PhD- Mathematics & Statistics

Alan Wiggins, PhD- Mathematics & Statistics

Yan Xie, PhD- Finance

External Grants Received

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs would like to congratulate the following faculty members on receiving external funding for their research.

Jian Hu, PhD, Associate Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, was recently awarded a $95,772 contract from Ford Motor Company to find an optimal quantity of on roll as well as the mix of legacy and TPT employees for minimizing staff cost and controlling the risk that staff headcounts cannot meet production demand on a long-term planning horizon due to uncertainly unplanned and planned absenteeism.

Natalie Sampson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health & Human Services, was recently awarded a $52,415 contract from Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan to address environmental health inequities with youth in Southeast Michigan by creating a program to build capacity in community science and policy advocacy.

Weidong Xiang, PhD, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, along with Co-PIs: Stanley Baek, PhD and Sridhar Lakshmanan, PhD, also from Electrical and Computer Engineering, were recently awarded a $199,013 contract from Ford Motor Company to develop multiple input multiple output (MIMO) and beamforming antenna arrays that enhance signal-to-interference (S/I) ratio of LTE V2X (CV2X) links by radiating only in desired directions while nullifying interferences from other directions. Moreover, beamforming emerges as an effective approach to improve the security of V2X wireless link, substantially, through adaptive spatial filtering.

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