2017 Winners of the CECS Distinguished Graduate Student Research Award

March 13, 2017

The College of Engineering and Computer Science recognizes graduate students who demonstrate excellence in research.

Hanzhang Wang, doctoral student, computer and information science (Advisor: Dr. Marouane Kessentini): Hanzhang Wang is a member of the search based software engineering research Lab. He is working on improving the quality of Web services. In less than two years, he published several papers in the top tier I venues of services computing (ICWS, ICSOC, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, ACM Transactions on the Web, etc.). One of his papers is selected among the top 3 papers at ICWS and invited for a journal extension. He is the entrepreneurial lead (EL) of his advisor’s NSF I-Corps project to commercialize the technology developed as part of his research and he implemented a scheduling prototype for Ford as part of another funded project. 

Mao Ye, doctoral student, automotive systems engineering (Advisor: Dr. Ya Sha Yi): Mao Ye joined Dr. Yi’s research lab, he has published 7 top journal papers and given 2 presentations at major international conferences in his field. His research achievements have made us the leading research group in the world in this cutting edge integrated micro-lens area, which is potential for a series of applications on solar cells, bio-medical imaging, display and solid state Lidar for autonomous driving.

Xuan Zhang, doctoral student, automotive systems engineering (Advisor: Dr. Oleg Zikanov): Xuan Zhang has just defended her dissertation in the Automotive Systems Engineering Program. Her research project is on the subject of thermal convection and heat transfer in flows of liquid metals subjected to extremely strong magnetic fields. In the course of numerical simulations, she has explored the paradoxical and counterintuitive behavior of such flows and identified far-reaching consequences for advanced energy technologies.

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