Annual awards recognize staff contributions to campus


More than 75 staff members were honored during the Chancellor’s Staff Recognition Awards ceremony.

Growing campus enrollment, continued metropolitan impact and record graduation numbers indicate success. Not only for the people who are directly impacted—but also for those who are making it happen.

Chancellor Daniel Little said staff members—many behind the scenes—are instrumental in moving campus forward. And it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate their extraordinary work.

UM-Dearborn recently honored more than 75 staff members during the annual Chancellor's Staff Recognition Awards ceremony. Little welcomed nearly 200 staff members and guests to the event, which took place Wednesday, June 13, in Fairlane Center.

“When I look out in this room, I know the work you do. That’s what makes our campus so great: The service you give. What you do helps others succeed,” said Little, noting how staff and faculty efforts have moved the campus in a direction of diversity and inclusion, community collaboration and engagement, and academic excellence. “UM-Dearborn is an exceptional place. You should take pride in where campus is today; it’s your commitment that has gotten us to this place.”

The chancellor presented four awards during the ceremony: Exceptional Team, Exceptional Service, Exceptional Performance and Exceptional Long Term Achievement. Award recipients were nominated by faculty, staff and students, and selected by the Chancellor’s Staff Recognition Awards Committee.

Exceptional Team Award 

Information Technology Services-Facilities ELB Hub: Rex Chang, Chundao Che, Emily Hamilton, Sherie Modelski, Jerry Van Couwenberghe

How would campus function if the internet and phone lines all went down? Thanks to the work of this ITS and Facilities team, we won’t have to find out. With the Engineering Lab Building construction and renovation, they led the effort to relocate the campus’ only Internet hub in ELB 128, moving the critical components into our two existing data centers, which are backed by generators. The team also had to relocate the Internet line for Henry Ford College and Dearborn Public Schools, which ran through the room. The ITS and Facilities group successfully moved or retired all of the wiring, fiber and electronics in the ELB room and created a secondary physical campus Internet hub, which helps further reduce an outage risk.

Nominator Carrie Shumaker, ITS director and campus CIO, said it was a daunting task that the ITS team carefully and cautiously completed with success.

“There was no catalog of the services that had organically grown over the 50-plus years in the ELB, let alone a script for moving them. There were hundreds of old unused copper phone lines with critical live lines mixed in,” Shumaker said. “Team members frequently had to ask ‘what if?’ to debate and arrive at the most robust and efficient solutions. The success we had could not have happened without extraordinary effort and collaboration.”

Exceptional Service Award

Eva Gogola, director of annual giving, Institutional Advancement

It’s good to have connections—especially if one of those is Eva Gogola. Gogola’s active campus involvement makes her both a person in the know and who is always on the go. She’s chaired the Commission for Women, serves on Staff Senate, develops scholarships, inspires creative thinking and leads the conversations for how to best approach annual giving and fundraising. And even with her around-the-clock job duties, she always finds time to make her colleagues feel like they are her first priority.

“In everything she does, Eva is dedicated, enthusiastic and a joy. I really believe Eva is totally committed to working for the betterment and best interests of the campus,” said Mardigian Library Associate Director Barbara Kriigel, nominator. “She constantly talks up UM-Dearborn’s campus, faculty and programs. I wish we could clone her and bottle her energy.”


Exceptional Performance Award

Kate Malicke, communications manager, External Relations

Even though party planner is not in her official title, Kate Malicke organized and managed the entire campus’ involvement for a major university milestone. She led and carried out the Bicentennial vision for campus and created buzz at the Bicentennial events. For example, Malicke created and constructed an interactive UM-Dearborn “Wall of Fame” display board that was the talk of the Third Century Expo, an event that took place during UM-Ann Arbor’s Homecoming weekend.

“The large UM-Ann Arbor colleges, including Ross Business School, marveled at UM-Dearborn’s creativity and audience participation,” said External Relations Vice Chancellor Ken Kettenbeil, nominator. “How do you celebrate the University of Michigan Bicentennial when our university is not quite 60 years old yet? Simple—just join the party and use it for a marketing opportunity for UM-Dearborn. Kate was the true leader and doer for this project.”

Exceptional Long Term Achievement Award

Jeanette Whiting, master gardener and groundskeeper, Facilities

UM-Dearborn’s 202-acre campus is an oasis in an urban setting. But it didn’t get that way on its own. Jeanette Whiting, a 30-plus year employee, works to maintain and add to the beauty of campus.  And she doesn’t only interact with flora and fauna, she also lends a hand in community projects, trains students to assist her in campus beautification and always has a smile and wave for those whom she comes across on the manicured lawns and litter-free campus walkways she maintains.

“The grounds are one of the first things that make an impression on prospective students, alumni and community partners,” said Office of the Chancellor Coordinator of Special Events Karen Holland, nominator. “In her own way, Jeanette helps to foster an inclusive campus community and a calm, welcoming environment.”

Milestone Work Anniversaries 

5 years

Angela Acosta, Lisa Andrews, Diane Blaga, Marc Brigolin, Laura Garling, Carol Glick, Nickolai Kanagawa, Kyle Kenyon, Michael Kovach, Corey Lambert, Michael Latvis, Kevin McAlpine, Lisa Remsing, Scott Riggs, Erica Ross, Dawn Roult, Matthew Speck, Mallory Simpson, Lindsey Tarrant and Trista Wdziekonski

10 years

A’Kiesha Andrews-Reid, Becky Dresselhouse-Nauss, Susanne Gassel, Melissa Jimenez, Terry Hargrave, Jennifer Makas, Barbara McLaughlin, Lisa Miller, Andrew Munguia, Chau Nguyen-Ho, Timothy Taylor, Howard Williams and Joey Woods

15 years

Michelle Barnes, Cathy Boatin, Helene Boldarini, Barbara Bolek, Perry Boyd II, Darcel Brown, Michael Kamen, Joseph Lubomirski, Larry Papin, Ann Phillips, Theresa Malcom, Keith Sudak, Mai Qazzaz and Judy Walker

20 years

Mariann Brevoort, Matthew Brown, Madeline Derrick, Noel Hornbacher, Scott Howard, Kelly Ledingham, Lori Petrick and Gary Taylor

25 years

David Disney, Billie Rohl, Regina Storrs and Giannina Wilson

30 years

Jesse Cross, Jr., Susan Gedert, Soraya Patton and Diane Sigler

35 years

Lori Lewis, Cheryl Powell, Robert St. Clair and Gregory Taylor

40 years

Ronald Smith

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