Faculty and staff 'Give the Difference' for student success

March 15, 2013

Uzma Anwar Uzma Anwar

Graduation would be an afterthought for Uzma Anwar without the help of faculty and staff.

And you could forget about the laundry list of successful events the University of Michigan-Dearborn student helped organize on campus.

But because of the financial assistance of faculty and staff, Anwar and countless other UM-Dearborn students have been able to make a difference on campus and in their communities.

“The only reason I’m here is because of the scholarships and the financial aid, so honestly, my whole education, the four years I’ve been here, it’s because of the generous donations of the faculty and staff,” Anwar said.

UM-Dearborn faculty and staff have an opportunity to assist future leaders and help the university achieve its goals through the “Give the Difference” Faculty and Staff Campaign.

The campaign kicks off this week and runs through April 25. Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the campaign, regardless of their financial contribution.

“All gift sizes matter and make a difference here, and faculty and staff can choose what area of the university, what type of fund or purpose they want to support,” said Mallory M. Simpson, vice chancellor for institutional advancement. “It’s not going into some deep, dark hole that no one knows about. Our donors direct how they want their gifts to be used.”

The goal is to generate 22 percent participation among faculty and staff. And judging from the participation rate in past years, Simpson is confident the university can reach its goal.

“The participation rate at University of Michigan-Dearborn is really good,” she said. “I really commend them and am impressed. I think this is something that differentiates us and we certainly want to grow that.”

Stein Brunvand can remember what it’s like to be a student. That’s why Brunvand, associate professor of educational technology, is serving as a co-chair for this year’s campaign to help students benefit from scholarships and financial aid.

“Anything that you can give, you don’t realize what impact that might have on someone else, and if everyone’s able to contribute a little bit, that can end up to a lot of drops in the same bucket and can have a lasting impact on students,” he said.

And the giving process couldn’t be easier. There are multiple ways in which faculty and staff can give back, including payroll deduction, credit card payments and gift forms. For more information on how to give back to UM-Dearborn, click here or contact Jason Davis, assistant director of alumni relations, at 313-593-5267 or davisoj@umd.umich.edu.

The Faculty and Staff Campaign is just one piece of UM-Dearborn’s overall Annual Giving program. The Annual Fund reaches out to alumni and community members and encourages them to contribute to the university.


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