Freshman applications up for 7th consecutive year

August 8, 2011

UM-Dearborn Block MThe enrollment picture for fall looks very promising based on the number of applications received so far at UM-Dearborn, according to Deb Peffer, interim director of admissions.

“We broke 4,700 prospective freshman applications last month, which is up 16 percent from last year,” said Peffer.

In addition, the number of applications from potential transfer students has increased, up 10 percent at 1,966 applications for this fall, compared with 1,783 received for Fall 2010 at this same time last year, she noted.

This means it’s the 7th consecutive year that freshman applications are up, and the 6th consecutive year that transfer applications are up.

Peffer attributes the healthy numbers to the university’s continuing efforts not only in the recruitment and admissions process, but also in the campus’s marketing efforts and in the outreach activities in the academic units.

“Increasing the number of applicants is obviously key to meeting the campus’s goal of enrolling more students,” she said.

Though it’s a tough time financially for many in Michigan, the increase in application numbers suggest that UM-Dearborn’s commitment to help students achieve their college education dreams is working. Students and their families seem to be getting the message that a Michigan degree still is an affordable investment in their future and the future of the region.

The number of financial aid applications (FAFSAs) received by the University is up 5 percent from this time last year, according to director of financial aid and scholarships, Katherine Allen. At this time, more than 11,000 FAFSAs have been received.

Opportunity scholarship offers are up 31 percent, with deposits for this group up 35 percent. In addition, merit scholarship offers for incoming freshmen are up 10 percent, nearing 1,000, an indication of a highly-qualified applicant pool.

Also, diversity numbers are up 20 percent in enrolled for freshman, and up 40 percent for transfer students.

As of today, the 927 freshmen enrolled represents the second highest freshman class in 32 years.

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