Kudos: Everett and Moyer, Czap and Czap, Tiquia-Arashiro

August 20, 2012

Moyer and Everett at Maker FaireAssociate professor Susan Everett and professor Richard Moyer held a book-signing session during Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford, an event that celebrates invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Everett and Moyer signed copies of “Everyday Engineering: Putting the E in STEM Teaching and Learning.” The book is one of the most popular books published by the National Science Teachers Association.

Journal of Socio-Economics recently published a paper co-written by assistant professor of economics Natalia Czap and lecturer III of decision science Hans Czap. The paper, “Walking in the shoes of others: Experimental testing of dual-interest and empathy in environmental choice,” tests dual interest theory and the metaeconomics approach to environmental choice, recognizing a possible role for empathy–sympathy in tempering and conditioning the more fundamental tendency to pursue self-interest. Marianna Khachaturyan (PhD student), Gary D. Lynne (professor) and Mark Burbach (geoscientist) of University of Nebraska-Lincoln co-authored the paper.

Nguyen and Tiquia-Arashiro's posterSean Nguyen, associate professor Sonia Tiquia-Arashiro’s research student, presented their project on “Biochemical Basis for Butanol Synthesis by Carboxydotrophs Isolated from Composts” at the UM-Ann Arbor Undergraduate Research and Outreach Program (UROP) Conference. Nguyen is the first recipient of the University of Michigan Energy Institute Fellowship program, sponsored by the Office of the Vice President to develop, coordinate and promote energy research and education. Students in the program, for its inaugural summer, have conducted research on energy policy, economics and societal impact of energy, carbon-free energy resources, energy efficient design materials, energy storage and utilization, and transportation and fuels among other projects.  Nguyen performed his research in Tiquia-Arashiro’s laboratory and received mentoring while working on the great challenged of our times:  meeting the needs to our society in a sustainable manner.

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