Kudos: School of Education faculty


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Bonnie Beyer, professor of educational administration and public administration, presented a paper at the 66th Annual Conference of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration in August, addressing traditional organizational theories and their relationship to more recent constructs and concepts and how these newer concepts relate to leadership and oversight creating a culture of social justice in schools and educational systems.

Stein Brunvand, assistant professor of educational technology, Laura Reynolds-Keefer, associate professor of educational psychology, and Gail Luera, associate professor of science education, presented a paper at the American Evaluation Association conference in Minneapolis in October, addressing the complexity of evaluator roles when conducting an evaluation in an uncertain program climate, such as in a program serving at-risk youth.

Seong Hong, associate professor and Rosalyn Saltz Collegiate Professor of Education, presented a paper at the Association for Constructivist Teaching conference in Johnson City, Tennessee in October on integrative knowledge portfolio process.

LaShorage Shaffer, instructor, presented at the Division for Early Childhood Conference in October on young children with special needs. At the same conference, along with Mary Trepanier-Street (professor emerita) and Tammy Morris (Center for Exceptional Families), she presented on educational and medical transdisciplinary teaming as an element in the preparation of early childhood teachers. In addition, she joined Sallee Beneke, assistant professor, St. Ambrose University, and Hasan Zaghlawan, assistant professor, St. Thomas University, for a round table session to talk about topics related to the post Ph.D. job search process and becoming a junior faculty member at a college or university.

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