News from the Dearborn Research Office: September 19

September 19, 2012

The Dearborn Office of Research & Sponsored Programs announced that eight faculty members received a total of $421,256 in external grant awards during August and September.

Steve Underwood, director of the Connected Vehicle Proving Center, and Paul Richardson, professor of electrical and computer engineering, received an additional $199,316 from the U.S. Army. They will continue a trade study of robotic application in the automotive industry.

Yi Lu Murphey, professor and chair, electrical and computer engineering, received an additional $62,500 from TRW Inc. She will continue to develop advanced technologies for automotive safety systems.

Taehyun Shim, associate professor, mechanical engineering, received $52,000 additional funding from TRW Automotive. He will continue to develop new brake and safety technologies for hybrid vehicles.

Zhimin Xi, assistant professor, Industrial and manufacturing systems engineering received a $50,000 grant from the DENSO Corporation. He will develop new methods to improve the reliability of lithium ion batteries.

German Reyes-Villanueva and Hong Tae Kang, both assistant professors, mechanical engineering, collaborated on a $24,880 grant from ThyssenKrupp Steel. They will develop a testing procedure to investigate the tension-compression behavior of advanced high-strength steels.

Gargi Ghosh, assistant professor, mechanical engineering, received a $15,000 OVPR Grant. She will develop a new method to accurately measure protein activity in cancer biopsy cells.

LaShorage Shaffer, instructor, School of Education, received $12,560 from Clinton County RESA. She will oversee a training program for graduate students as they work with parent/child playgroups.

Jie Shen, associate professor, computer and information sciences, received $5,000 from Illinois State University. He will investigate the impact of utilizing web service in the teaching of introductory computing courses.

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