News from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: Campus grants awarded


The Research Support Committee of the Faculty Senate awarded 17 campus grants totaling $122,608.

​$139,222 in Campus Grants Awarded

Competitive Grant Recipients

At their November 17, 2017, meeting, the Research Support Committee of the Faculty Senate reviewed 27 applications and awarded 17 peer-reviewed campus grants totaling $122,608 to UM-Dearborn faculty and students in the following categories:

Research Initiation & Development – provide financial support for faculty research projects designed to lead to a proposal for external funding with a strong potential of being awarded.

            Development Level:
                        Francine Dolins, PhD (Behavioral Sciences) - $15,000

            Initiation Level:
                        Anys Bacha, PhD (Computer and Information Science) -
                        Mathumai Kanapathipillai (Mechanical Engineering) -
                        Youngki Kim, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) - $6,000
                        Anna Muller, PhD (Social Sciences) - $6,000

UM-Dearborn Scholars – provide financial support for faculty research and scholarship, including creative activities in the arts, for projects with funding needs not addressed by other support programs within or outside the university.

            Level II Funding:
                        Christos Constantinides, PhD (Natural Sciences) - $15,000
                        Keshav Pokhrel, PhD (Mathematics & Statistics) - $12,158

            Level I Funding:
                        Krim Lacey, PhD (CASL College-Wide Programs) - $6,000
                        Pam McAuslan, PhD (Behavioral Sciences) - $3,200
                        Gabriella Scarlatta, PhD (Language, Culture &
                        Communication) - $6,000

EIC Environmental-Sustainability Research – provide financial support for EIC faculty associate for projects related to sustainability, conservation, and/or environmental education.
            Natalie Sampson, PhD (Health & Human Services) - $12,000

CASL Faculty Summer Research – provide financial support for CASL faculty summer projects that lead to a tangible scholarly outcome.
            Krisanu Bandyopadhyay, PhD (Natural Sciences) - $7,000
            John Chenoweth, PhD (Behavioral Sciences) - $7,000

            Carmel Price, PhD (Behavioral Sciences) - $7,000

Undergraduate Research Fellowship– provide financial support for undergraduate students to assist full-time UM-Dearborn faculty members with work on summer research and scholarly projects not counting towards academic credit. 
            Matthew Fleming (Pam Aronson - Behavioral Sciences) - $2,750
            Samer Habeel (Joe Lo – Mechanical Engineering) - $2,750
            Ashley Pall (Kalyan Kondapalli – Natural Sciences) - $2,750

The breakout by college is as follows:


# of Applications

# of Awards

Total $ Awarded





















Professional Development Grant Recipients
The following Professional Development Grants were awarded to provide funds to enhance and strengthen the academic programs of UM-Dearborn by supporting the professional and personal growth of our faculty and lecturers.

            Faculty Professional Development Grants Totaling $10,420
                        Krisanu Bandyopadhyay, PhD (Natural Sciences) - $900
                        Kelly Cai, PhD (Accounting & Finance) - $725
                        Yi-Su Chen, PhD (Management Studies) - $900
                        William Clarkson, PhD (Natural Sciences) - $900
                        Jesse Lee, PhD (Management Studies) - $900
                        Emily Luxon, PhD (Social Sciences) - $800
                        Margaret Rathouz, PhD (Mathematics & Statistics) - $900
                        Crystal Scott, PhD (Management Studies) - $900
                        Taehyun Shim, PhD (Mechanical Engineering) - $900
                        Hung-Chung Su, PhD (Management Studies) - $900
                        Michele Yoder, PhD (Management Studies) - $795

            Lecturer Professional Development Grants Totaling $6,194
Mike Callahan (Management Studies) - $900
                       Sofia Calzada-Orihuela, PhD (Language, Culture &
                       Communication) - $650
                       Andrew Durdin (Literature, Philosophy & the Arts) - $898
                       Aaron Kinzel (Behavioral Sciences) - $900
                      Julie Lambert (Literature, Philosophy & the Arts) - $900
                      Malinda Mansour (Literature, Philosophy & the Arts) - $400
                      Liana McMillan (Language, Culture & Communication) - $646
                      Ayman Reda (Social Sciences) - $900

External Grants Received

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs would like to congratulate the following faculty members on receiving external funding for their research.

Fatigue Characteristics of Aluminum Sheet Alloys Subjected to Strain Control and Load Control Testing
Hong-Tae Kang, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, recently received a $29,000 contract from Aleris, Inc. to characterize the fatigue properties of aluminum sheet alloys subjected to strain control and load control testing.

Changes in Multimorbidity and Disability among Older Adults
Anda Botoseneanu, MD, PhD, Health & Human Services, was recently awarded a $52,635 grant by the National Institutes of Health via a subaward from Oregon Health and Science University to identify specific disease-to-disease combinations that accelerate disability onset and progression, institutionalization, and death and whether these combinations are more likely to occur for underrepresented racial/ethnic background older adults. 

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