News from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: Nearly $172,000 in campus grants awarded


Grants totaling nearly $75,000 recently were awarded from the Research Support Committee of the Faculty Senate

Competitive Grant Recipients

The Research Support Committee of the Faculty Senate reviewed 19 applications and awarded nine peer-reviewed campus grants totaling $74,920 at their March meeting to UM-Dearborn faculty and students in the following categories:

Research Initiation & Development – provide financial support for faculty research projects designed to lead to a proposal for external funding with a strong potential of being awarded.
Kalyan Kondapalli, PhD, Biological Sciences - $15,000
Thomas Bianchette, PhD, Physical Sciences - $6,000
Samir Rawashdeh, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering - $6,000
David Susko, PhD, Biological Sciences - $6,000

UM-Dearborn Scholars – provide financial support for faculty research and scholarship, including creative activities in the arts, for projects with funding needs not addressed by other support programs within or outside the University.
Paul Draus, PhD, Sociology - $15,000
Sonia Tiquia-Arashiro, PhD, Biological Sciences - $15,000
Yiwei Deng, PhD, Physical Sciences - $6,000

Undergraduate Research Fellowship – provide financial support for undergraduate students to assist full-time UM-Dearborn faculty members with work on summer research and scholarly projects not counting towards academic credit. 
Fatme Hourani (Adviser: Yunus Zeytuncu. PhD) CASL - $2,960
Alec Sparks (Adviser: Josh Akers, PhD) CASL - $2,960

Professional Development Grant Recipients

The following Professional Development Grants were awarded to provide funds to enhance and strengthen the academic programs of UM-Dearborn by supporting the professional and personal growth of our faculty and lecturers.

Faculty Professional Development Grants, totaling $9,850
Nilay Chakraborty, PhD, Mechanical Engineering - $900
J. Caitlin Finlayson, PhD, LPA - $850
Lee Freeman, PhD, Management Studies - $900
Wayne Fu, PhD, Management Studies - $900
David Hill, PhD, Education - $900
Nicholas Iannarino, PhD, LCC - $900
David Kaufman, PhD, Management Studies - $900
Shannon Li, PhD, Natural Sciences - $900
Joe Lo, PhD, Mechanical Engineering - $900
Jennifer Proctor, PhD, LCC - $900
Young Ro, PhD, Management Studies - $900

Lecturer Professional Development Grants, totaling $6,508
Jennifer Bauer, Education - $279
Joann Honigman, Education - $900
Erik Marshall, LCC - $900
Philip Potvin, LCC - $900
Karen Shaper, LCC - $900
Kristian Stewart, PhD, LCC - $900
Lise Urbaczewski, Management Studies - $829
LaTisha Young-Bowie, Health & Human Services - $900

Undergraduate Summer Research Program Grants
A total of $79,920 was awarded as part of a new program launched this year to provide additional research opportunities for UM-Dearborn undergraduate students. The program awarded full-time UM-Dearborn faculty members $2,960 each to hire a student to assist with work on faculty-led summer research and scholarly projects. Each student will devote 320 hours to the project and attend the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) workshops during the 2018 summer semester.

Krisanu Bandyopadhyay, PhD – Natural Sciences
Hani Bawardi, PhD – Social Sciences
Marilee Benore, PhD – Natural Sciences
Anne Danielson-Francois, PhD – Natural Sciences
Yiwei Deng, PhD – Natural Sciences
Francine Dolins, PhD – Behavioral Sciences
Paul Draus, PhD – Social Sciences
Amanda Esquivel, PhD – Mechanical Engineering
Wayne Fu, PhD – Management Studies
Tanjore Jayaraman, PhD – Mechanical Engineering
Marouane Kessentini, PhD – Computer & Information Science
Cheol Lee, PhD – Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Emily Luxon, PhD – Social Sciences
Hafiz Malik, PhD – Electrical & Computer Engineering
Bruce Maxim, PhD – Computer & Information Science
Anna Muller, PhD – Social Sciences
Peter Oelkers, PhD – Natural Sciences
Juliette Roddy, PhD – Criminology & Criminal Justices
Natalie Sampson, PhD – Health & Human Services
Crystal Scott, PhD – Management Studies
Sheila Smith, PhD – Natural Sciences
Wencong Su, PhD – Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sonia Tiquia-Arashiro, PhD – Natural Sciences
DeLean Tolbert, PhD – Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Paul Watta, PhD – Electrical & Computer Engineering
Yunus Zeytuncu, PhD – Mathematics & Statistics

External Grants Received

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs would like to congratulate the following faculty members on receiving external funding for their research.

Kresge Support of Public Allies Metro Detroit Years 5-6

Tracy Hall, PhD, Office of Metropolitan Impact, received a $150,000 from the Kresge Foundation to support the UM-Dearborn Public Allies Metro Detroit Program. This program identifies, trains and supports young adult homegrown leaders from under-represented backgrounds who are passionate about making a positive difference in their Metro Detroit communities, matching them with local nonprofit organizations to serve in full-time stipend volunteer positions where they create, improve and expand services with measurable results.

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