News from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: NSF proposal changes; $19,000 in external funding

December 4, 2015

Sponsor Updates

The National Science Foundation recently announced upcoming changes to the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (version 16-1) that will be published in December and apply to proposals submitted to programs with deadlines on or after January 25, 2016. As a preview, some of these changes are briefly noted below.

Collaborators and Other Affiliations Information

Collaborators and Other Affiliations Information will be a new single-copy document, instead of as part of the Biographical Sketch. This new provision removes the Collaborators and Other Affiliations section from the Biosketch, allowing more space to discuss your qualifications and credentials. The NSF will require that the list Collaborators and Other Affiliations for all senior key personnel to be provided in a single document and uploaded as supplemental information. The page limit for Biosketch documents will remain two.

Current & Pending Support

Current and Pending Support will be revised to reflect that all current project support includes internal funds allocated toward specific projects with a time commitment. Also, the option to combine these into a single document for all individuals identified on the proposal as senior personnel will no longer be available.

Results from Prior NSF Support

The requirement for the Results from Prior NSF Support included in the Project Description will be revised to clarify that each PI or co-PI identified on the proposal that has received NSF funding with a start date in the past five years (including any current funding and no cost extensions) will be required to include information on one award each, regardless of whether the support was directly related to the proposal or not. In cases where the PI or co-PI has received more than one award (excluding amendments to existing awards), they need only report on the one award most closely related to the proposal.

External Grants Received

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs would like to congratulate the following faculty members on receiving external funding for their research.

Wayne County U.S. History & Geography Project: Building Competence in U.S. History Through the Use of Geographic Information Systems
Gail Luera, PhD, Education, has received a $19,875 subcontract through a project awarded to Eastern Michigan University by the Michigan Department of Education. This project has been developed to assist middle school and high school social studies educators and special education teachers in implementing grade-level content expectations for U.S. history and geography through utilizing the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data mapping and visualization to enhance the teaching and learning of temporal and spatial concepts.

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