Receive funds to solve ergonomic issues in the workplace

October 18, 2012

MHealthy is accepting applications for its annual ergonomics grants program. University departments or units in need of financial help to purchase equipment or redesign work processes to solve ergonomic issues can receive up to $5,000 to implement solutions that make the work environment safer.

The Ergonomics Awareness Team encourages anyone who regularly experiences any of the following in the workplace to apply for a grant:

  • Physical discomfort due to manually lifting, pushing, pulling, or transporting equipment, objects or patients
  • Bending over, reaching up or performing awkward, repetitive motion for several hours during the work day
  • Physical stress or discomfort due to work conditions

“Many university employees may have to use a lot of force, repeat the same motion for hours a day, or bend their bodies in awkward ways just to do their jobs,” said Suzanne Bade, MHealthy Ergonomics Awareness Team chair and senior ergonomics consultant. “Many of the risks associated with performing these tasks can be reduced or eliminated altogether just by making changes – many times small ones – to the work environment or equipment. The return is improved worker safety, satisfaction, comfort, and productivity.”

Any regular employee can apply for an ergonomic grant. Applications will be judged based on the significance of the ergonomic issue, the feasibility of the project and the anticipated outcome.

To help as many university areas as possible and make grant dollars go farther, MHealthy encourages departments and units that receive a grant to share in the cost of the project; however, it is not mandatory to receive a grant.

Applications are accepted year-round; however, submissions are encouraged by October 31, 2012. Once funds are exhausted applications will be held until next fiscal year.

To apply for an Ergo grant, go to

In addition to its grants and awards programs, the Ergonomics Awareness Team offers online resources such as self-help tutorials and printable posters to promote healthy behaviors. Go to for more information.

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