'Reporter' to go digital in September, transition to online-only publication

July 30, 2010

UM-Dearborn’s Reporter has served as the university’s primary communications channel for faculty and staff news since 1973.  Regular Reporter content has included campus news, updates from the library, ITS and sponsored research as well as accomplishments of faculty and staff members.  The Reporter is one of the university’s most read publications.

In order to better serve the campus community the Reporter will switch to an online publication sent directly to campus e-mail addresses beginning in September.   As we prepare for the transition, this edition of the Reporter has been shortened to include the most timely campus news.

The online Reporter will maintain a lot of the same content of the print publication.  In addition, the online Reporter will introduce extra information such as updates from the chancellor and links to the university’s calendar of events.  As faculty, staff and students make news in the community, links to these external news stories will be included in the Reporter.

The migration of the Reporter to an online news source will also allow for additional content and other forms of multimedia communications such as videos, web links and color photographs.  The online Reporter can also be easily forwarded to alumni, external university advisory boards and other external audiences using popular social media tools to increase exposure of faculty, staff and student research and accomplishments. The online

UM-Dearborn’s Institutional Advancement office researched internal communications processes at other universities and discovered that most campuses have migrated to an online platform to disseminate faculty and staff news.  The online Reporter will have a similar “look and feel” to the U-M Record Update which is received by many people on campus.

The online Reporter will follow the regular print publication schedule, publishing every two weeks during the upcoming fall semester.  Later this year, the first few months of this new online format will be evaluated and feedback will be solicited from the campus community.

Jennifer Thelen, public relations representative, will manage the online Reporter.  Ken Kettenbeil, director of communications, and Beth Marmarelli, assistant director of communications, will support Thelen with news gathering and content generation.

“We hope the campus community will continue to see the Reporter as a valuable campus resource,” Kettenbeil said.  “We look forward to sharing with faculty and staff a more robust, interactive and attractive online publication that is reflective of UM-Dearborn’s campus community."

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