Students thank faculty and staff for giving

September 19, 2012

Students sign a banner during last year's appreciation weekDon’t be surprised if Uzma Anwar stops by your office next week.

Be excited because the University of Michigan-Dearborn student might have a gift with your name on it.

Anwar and other members of UM-Dearborn’s Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) will visit faculty and staff offices next week to thank those who participated in the 2012 Faculty and Staff Campaign.

“Giving is important because it shows that our professors care about more than just us coming to class,” Anwar said. “They are making an investment in our education. Their giving is an example of the fact that they do care and they understand that it’s hard for us, and not just financially. Creating a culture of philanthropy starts with and includes everyone.”

Not only will campaign donors receive a personal visit by an SPC member next week. A thank-you banner with hundreds of signatures will be on display in the University Center and Fairlane Center to reaffirm students’ appreciation for those who give back to UM-Dearborn.

Students certainly have a lot to be thankful for, as hundreds of UM-Dearborn faculty and staff generously contributed to the 2011-2012 “Give the Difference” campaign. The gifts allocated toward a specific school, college, department, program or scholarship play an important role in the students’ success.

The University generated 18 percent participation, which means 199 faculty and staff members contributed a total of more than $71,000 to the campaign. That’s 76 percent more funding than was generated during the previous campaign.

With the ability to direct donations to the campus fund of their choice, faculty and staff members have an opportunity to make a difference in areas that are most meaningful to them. Campaign funds help spark innovative academic programs and research, support top-tier faculty and provide scholarships to the best and brightest students. Those contributions are critical, and every dollar donated is significant to the students and programs that receive it.

“Employee giving sends a strong message of support and belief in the university’s mission,” said Mallory M. Simpson, vice chancellor for institutional advancement. “At University of Michigan-Dearborn, that message is clear. Faculty and staff support the overall mission, as noted in their campaign giving. The campaign contributions will allow the university to continue on in its efforts to prepare the leaders and best for careers that impact their community.”

Strong participation from faculty and staff members also can help influence giving among students, alumni, friends and corporations, Simpson said.

UM-Dearborn, however, wouldn’t have generated such a successful campaign without the leadership and enthusiasm of co-chairs Belinda Lazarus, professor of special education in the School of Education, Munna Kachhal, professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and Bob Quattro, natural sciences laboratory director in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters.

The 2013 Faculty and Staff Campaign will kick off March 12. For more information, contact Kristin McDonough by email or call 313-583-6428.

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