Teacher Academy is one way School of Education advances campus's metropolitan vision

November 22, 2010

UM-Dearborn's School of Education is committed to advancing the University's metropolitan vision by improving the education of children in southeast Michigan.

The School has made a priority out of strengthening the effectiveness of teachers and schools via its programs and partnerships with urban and metropolitan school systems.

One such initiative is the School's Teacher Academy, which brings in experts--local, national and international--to provide information and/or training on a variety of topics that address the needs of the community.

Currently, the School is immersed in an Academy series dedicated to professional development on the topic "Differentiated Instruction and Inquiry Science" with 17 teachers who lead elementary, middle and high school science from the Southfield Public Schools.

"The teachers will be actively engaged in learning how to design, implement and evaluate inquiry-based science lessons in the classroom as well as learning how to differentiate those lessons for the students in their classes," said Gail Luera, associate professor of science education, who is presenting the series with Southfield Public Schools teacher Kim Wardell-Stone.

Teacher Academy participants may elect the course for two undergraduate or graduate credits, although additional work is required for students receiving academic credit.

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