There's still time to give during "Give the Difference" Faculty and Staff Campaign

April 19, 2013

University of Michigan-Dearborn students have a lot on their plate.

Work, family and school are just a few of those commitments.

Sue Gedert understands the juggling act performed by many students. That’s why she participates in the university’s “Give the Difference” Faculty and Staff Campaign.

“Giving my talent, time and tender to the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL) Alumni Affiliate Scholarship has been so rewarding for me over the past 18 years,” said Gedert, CASL alumni and special projects coordinator. “I’ve seen firsthand how this scholarship makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of our students.”

Gedert joined hundreds of UM-Dearborn faculty and staff who already have participated in this year’s campaign. So far, faculty and staff have donated about $70,000, while gifts have ranged from $3 to $5,000.

“Faculty and staff giving is a way to express commitment to the vision and purpose of this campus community,” said Rand Kazanji, admissions counselor. “It’s an opportunity to demonstrate how deeply invested faculty and staff are to the university. I give because I see that philanthropy can provide the margin of excellence we all see at UM-Dearborn.”

Faculty and staff are encouraged to give before the campaign wraps up on April 25, however, all gifts registered before June 30 will count toward this year’s total.

Mallory M. Simpson, vice chancellor for institutional advancement, set a goal of 22 percent participation. The university is more than halfway toward reaching that goal, and many are confident the university will achieve its goal.

“By giving to the 2013 Faculty and Staff Campaign, you are supporting the mission and programs of the university in two ways – providing the financial resources to bring these programs to life and expressing your support that says you believe in these programs and want to make them successful,” said Lee Freeman, associate professor of management information systems and information technology management.

Faculty and staff have many options to give back this year. They can opt with payroll deduction, credit card payments or gifts forms. For more information on how to give back to UM-Dearborn, click here or contact Jason Davis, assistant director of alumni relations, at 313-593-5267 or

The Faculty and Staff Campaign is just one piece of UM-Dearborn’s overall Annual Giving program. The Annual Fund reaches out to alumni and community members and encourages them to contribute to the university.

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