"U Make a Difference" awards honor 35 staff members

October 31, 2012

U Make a Difference "U Make a Difference" awards honored 35 UM-Dearborn staff members.

Willing to go the extra mile.

It was a phrase heard over and over again as nominations for University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Staff Senate “U Make a Difference” awards came in.

From tackling extra projects to baking treats for coworkers, from mentoring young employees to responding to requests during off-hours, staff members were nominated by colleagues for their contributions to campus life.

On Wednesday, October 31, Staff Senate honored employees whose extra efforts throughout the year have enriched the university experience for coworkers and students alike. Thirty-five staff members received “U Make a Difference” awards.

“Thank you all for all of your contributions to the campus,” said Lori Petrick, administrative specialist for the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, who presented the awards during the Staff Senate Fall Forum.

“U Make a Difference” award recipients were:

  • Katherine Allen
  • Joanne Bond
  • Denise Bozeman
  • Maura Broadus
  • Christopher Casey
  • Tammy Casey
  • Richard Durant
  • Susan Flannery
  • Susan Gedert
  • Beverly Higgins
  • Debbie Jones
  • Kathy Kern
  • Karyn Koos
  • Connie Lawson
  • Sandra Lupfer
  • Beth Marmarelli
  • Kristin McDonough
  • Marsha Miller
  • Kathy Milligan
  • Elizabeth Morden
  • Lori Petrick
  • Alex Piazza
  • Joelle Primeau
  • Marlene Pruitt
  • Michelle Rushman
  • Sandra Scott
  • Diane Sigler
  • Amy Skehan
  • Madeline Snipes
  • Chelsea Sparks
  • Patricia Turnbull
  • Judy Wilson
  • Karen Witkopp
  • Joey Woods
  • Wren Yarber
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