UM-Dearborn announces plans to enhance campus safety

September 11, 2017

New security cameras are one part of the university’s strategy to improve safety through preparation, prevention and responsiveness.

As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance campus safety and security, University of Michigan-Dearborn has begun the installation of security cameras on campus. The implementation is part of the university’s strategy to improve public safety function, through better preparation, prevention and responsiveness initiatives.

“UM-Dearborn is a model institution in terms of public safety and is considered one the safest of Michigan’s 15 public universities,” said Kevin Williams, director of public safety and chief of police. “The addition of security cameras on campus broadens our ability to prevent and detect crime when working in tandem with our ongoing campus safety efforts and initiatives.”

The campus will undergo a phased implementation approach over the next 18 months. The first set of cameras began operation in August in areas considered higher risk for theft and other crimes. Cameras will operate underthe university’s SPG on security cameras, which regulates the installation and appropriate uses of security cameras by any U-M unit, including the retention and release of recorded images.

Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Jeff Evans said the addition of security cameras is part of UM-Dearborn Police Department’s overall commitment to maintain a safe campus environment. In recent months, the department also has added three new officers, updated technology and participated in additional training, including emergency response and active attacker training.

“Public safety issues are constantly evolving, so we continue to evaluate the best way to keep our students, faculty, staff and campus visitors safe,” Evans said. “Being prepared—through practice, training and the use of updated technology—not only ensures we are ready to act in the event of an incident, but also can prevent issues from occurring.” 

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