UM-Dearborn Lollapalooza

December 12, 2011

Lollapalooza made its way to Dearborn.

But this version left out the mosh pits, head banging and piercing guitar solos.

Instead, UM-Dearborn students recited 19th-century German literature and displayed illustrations of medieval battles with lions and tigers. It was all part of the Department of Language, Culture, and Communication’s third-annual “A Polyglotinous Lollapalooza: A Celebration of Literature in Four Languages.”

Those studying German, Arabic, French and Spanish shared their respective languages through unique performances Nov. 17 at UM-Dearborn’s Social Science Building.

“It was an event that we could all share in together,” said Jacqueline Vansant, professor of German. “This was the biggest group that we’ve had. I was impressed more with the whole group than I’d ever been before.”

But Vansant wasn’t the only one who left impressed.

“This was the best Lollapalooza yet,” said Gabriella Eschrich, associate professor of French and chair of Language, Culture, and Communication. “We are so proud of our students. Their stellar performances show how much they care.”

Several audience members said they were impressed with how the students blended entertainment and education.

"I like the exposure to the language and culture of different countries and the students’ drawings," said Marissa Houston.

Olivia Hornshaw agreed.

"I really liked the event,” Hornshaw said. “It promotes the knowledge of other languages.”

That’s the idea, Vansant said. And because student participation continues to increase, Vansant hopes to add another event in the coming years to showcase the talents of UM-Dearborn students.

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